Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cozy & Soft Christmas Gifts to Make

I love this pretty flannel fabric. It's a Michael Miller flannel. . I used one yard of fabric to make my little niece a pretty pillow case. This is the inside. After carefully measuring four inches and pressing with an iron, I then turn under a 1/4 inch along raw edge and pressed with an iron. I stitched the raw edge first, then folded and stitched along the four inch wide hem.
Here is the outside, in which I've stitched some pretty trim over the outside four inch hem.
I love this 1958 sewing machine. It was my mother-in-law's. It was top of the line back in 1958.
It doesn't just sew, it glides. I'm so thankful for this sewing machine. I love the cute pictures from the instruction manual.
I love this fabric by Amy Butler and again, I have not seen it in my area. I bought one yard for a pillow case for my sister-in-law. The edges are finished.
Bat Man flannel from Joanne's Fabrics.
I found these cute flannels at Joanne's fabrics for $2.50 per yard, and many more cute and fun prints, but I can't show them to you because my kids are each getting one in their Christmas stockings. Can't risk that they'd see.
The expensive fabric cost me $8 per pillow case. The less expensive, yet still pretty fabric from Joanne's Fabrics cost me $2.50 per pillow case. "Then Peter arose and went with them. When he was come, they brought him into the upper chamber: and all the widows stood by him weeping, and shewing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them." Acts 9:39


Judy said...

I love your sewing machine. I too love Amy Butler fabric.

Anonymous said...

Kathi, you always have such good ideas for personalized homemade gifts for your kids. Love it, want to do for mine friends and family. Have a Blessed Christmas. Karen

Sharon said...

Those are so cute!I love those darling fabrics!!! I wish I was a sewer. Maybe I will be for my grandkids someday! I love your old sewing machine too Kathi and the cute manuel to go with it!

Love you!!!

Elena said...

Those are very pretty and such a great gift idea!

Kathi said...

Thank you everyone. Thank you Karen. I hope you start a blog and show me what you make. Merry Christmas. Kathi

Jan Parrish said...

Great Christmas gift idea!Now if I just had a sewing machine. :)

Secret Garden Cottage said...

What a beautiful fabric... I love garden fairies. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

very pretty!

Ann said...

What a great gift idea...made with love...and the fabrics are so adorable:)


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