Sunday, November 22, 2009

Garrett and Grandma Show Us Their Writing and Talents

Grandma has been on vacation staying with us for a few weeks. She has been helping the children with their homework. The kids love having her here and she is equally blessed being around her grandchildren.
One morning she told me she used to teach short-hand, which is a lost art since we have computers and electronic devices to speed us along. She wrote out several sentences for me. The first sentence above says, "Dear Sir, I'm going to town." I thought it was so neat that she could do this and a fun fact about her that we did not know.
Garrett amazes us with his free-hand drawings of bugs. He sat at the kitchen table and began drawing these. I love his creativity and I love it that he enjoys this activity.
Here is a close up of his dragon fly. I'm impressed with the detail he adds.
Garrett finished writing all of his thank you notes to his friends for his birthday gifts.
Even though his drawing ability is quite good, his hand writing has not been. Our solution has been that he tells me what to say, I write it for him, then he traces over my writing. We have been doing this for about three weeks and his hand writing has improved greatly. "I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand, which is the distinguishing mark in all my letters. This is how I write." 2 Thessalonians 3:17 Have a lovely day ~~ Kathi


onlymehere said...

What a smart idea to improve his handwriting. Thank you notes also are sadly becoming a lost nicety (hope that's a word!). You've not only taught him to show his gratitude but how to enjoy being with his grandmother and improve his art and writing skills. Enjoy your mom while she's here. What a blessing to have here there. Cindy

linda said...

I took shorthand in college many moons ago so your picture brought back fun memories, thank you!

What a great idea to improve Garrett's writing! I too was one who insisted on my kids sending out thank you notes. It pays off. My daughter sends them out to this day and she's 21. Brandon not so much but he'll make a personal phone call to say thank you. Guess it was worth all of the time and effort after all!

Elena said...

Your son is a talented artist. How wonderful to have is grandma help him in his school work. That is so great about his handwriting!

Heather said...

that's very sweet. he draws so good! tracing is the best way to learn to write!

Gina said...

Short hand is cool, and a lost art- but then, so are thank you notes. I have children with atrocious handwriting,too. I have discovered Handwriting Without Tears, and I started my 7th grader over with penmanship (cursive actually) and he went through 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade last year.
I do the tracing thing, too, when they are just learning to write thank yous.

Michelle said...

Garrett certainly is a very creative and artistic young man! That's really neat about your sweet mother-in-law showing you the short-hand. I took that class in high school but don't remember much of it anymore.

Hope you and yours enjoy the best Thanksgiving ever!

Michelle :)

Sharon said...

How wonderful that Vivian is there and she is helping the kids with their homework! What great memories you guys are building! I love Garrett's drawings! He is very talented. What a smart idea to have him go over your writing, I should have done that with all my kids, boys have messy writing! LOL!

Love, Shar


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