Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Happenings

I have a lot of news to share with you, so get a cup of coffee and sit down a spell. I am just now finding some time to post a few things we have been doing.
In the news this week Garrett is beginning to like our new library.
He and Jessica enjoy finding a quiet spot and reading together.
We have come here several times. I love change, so it is sometimes hard for me to understand my little boy who does not like change. Things do grow on him and he does accept it in time.
One morning we had breakfast at my parent's home. My dad makes very good scrambled eggs.
My sister Sharon is cutting the cinnamon rolls. Us three girls, Kelli, Sharon and myself had a brunch with Dad and Mom and a meeting to discuss future plans.
Please pray for my sisters and I as we three are what they call the sandwich generation; we are caring for our own children and wanting to be helpful to our parents at the same time. Sometimes this takes much prayer and wisdom for doing what is best for our loved ones.
Back on the farm, I put Victoria and Harrison to work cutting the beans during our bean harvest. I then blanched and froze them.
Jessica happily, though in the picture does not look it, helped her Daddy stain the deck, my dad was up for a visit and looks on in the background. We always enjoy it when Grandpa and Grammie can come up to see us.
Later that day the kids went on a bike ride. Harrison's girlfriend Nikki on the right, also got to be with us on this Labor Day.
We had a pretty day with sunshine.
In the afternoon some of us got on the four wheeler and others walked out to this private area we call "Shady Thicket."
We love this peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. It's shady and private.
Harrison has used it for his air soft gun fights with his youth group and buddies.
We have a mobile campfire pit back here. We move it around when we are clearing various spots out here.
It's a simple ring of metal, which can be easily moved.
Harrison and Nikki enjoy a quiet moment.
It's almost like camping out here. Harrison and a few friends have camped out here.
Even out here Jessica takes the time to send a text to her friend.
I love being with my family and relaxing out here.
Victoria brought her book.
In the garden section of news, Kathi (me), picks the last of her tomatoes for salsa.
My Dad through apples over the fence to our goats and cows and waves at Stacey as he passes by.
Daddy and I bagged up apples for he and my mother.
This photo was sent in from my daughter Victoria. She's enjoying photography.
In the classified section, we had a garage sale on my parent's drive-way. My daughter Jessica was a huge help to me. We sold more things in their neighborhood than from our barn. I really appreciated the use of their drive-way.
In the sports section of Kathi's News, Victoria and I went to many water-polo games to watch her boyfriend play. He was named most valuable offensive player!!
Victoria sits with Gabriel's mother Renee'.
After the game Renee showed us her two little dogs.
Gabriel and Victoria after his game. I joked with Victoria and said she is lucky; boys who swim smell better after their games then do football players, so I am told... LOL.
In the "Who's Who and Hollywood Watch" section of Kathi's News, we find that there was a get together for the annual birthday brunch. My mom, and sisters Kelli and Sharon all have birthdays just weeks apart. So we like to celebrate at a cute restaurant and do some shopping. Sharon, my sister shows us one of her gifts.
My mother Shirley was able to come. She does not get out very much these days, so we are always glad when she can join us.
Kelli shows us some of her gifts. Sharon got her a cute Andy Hardy video and collectible dishes.
This restaurant sells really fun antiques and collectibles, so we walked around and shopped afterwards.
I enjoyed my curried chicken salad. My nephew Hayden was baptised in the river. It was wonderful to see this young man give his testimony of his love for Jesus Christ and commit his life to the Lord.
I love it that his Dad, Eric, got to participate in his baptism. It was very special.
Hayden's grandparents, Alice and Jim watched from up on the river bank.
I thought is was so sweet that they held each other's hands. They have been married about 55 years.
I noticed Hayden's older brother, Grayson watching from this perch and thought it was so ingenious of him to find the perfect spot to watch the baptism. Grandpa Leonard and Jessica both came to the baptism. My mother was not well enough to attend. The rest of my family was sick that day too, Kelli and her family were traveling and not able to come as well.
My sister Sharon, Hayden's mother, and my dad found a log to sit on.
I joined them.
Jessica and I went on a mom date after the service. She like KFC, so that is where we went.
She could use a warm jacket so we shopped around a bit.
We like this outfit and jacket, but not the price. We decided to try another store and did find one we both liked at Ross Dress For Less.
In other news, I had lunch with my mother-in-law Vivian.
We had a wonderful time shopping and eating lunch together. I'm so thankful for my dear family and all the fun things we get to do together. I'm thankful to God for all He has given me. The winds of change are blowing very hard in our lives right now. God is in control and will never leave us. He will guide and protect us. I have peace as I face the future, because God is holding my hand. I do adapt well to change and often find the challenge exciting. I praise the Lord for His love and faithfulness to me. Have a blessed day Dear Friends. Love, Kathi


Connie said...

My idea of the "perfect" breakfast is cinnamon rolls or pie, hash browns and Pepsi! Now that's PERFECT, chick!!!
Congratulations on the baptism for that young man. We need more like him.

Elena said...

Wonderful update on your family! You are very blessed and it is always a joy to see and hear about the events in your lives:) Blessings to you today! Elena

gin said...

All your news tells a lot about your family. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Kathi said...

Thank you Gin. I appreciate your kind comment too.

shamrock fields said...

What a sweet family post--I enjoyed it! You are blessed with a large and loving family!!! Blessings-

Linda said...

Hi Kathi, I loved seeing all the family photos and all the latest family events. Your birthday celebration is a a wonderful tradition and I just love the picture of you in the garden....cute apron...hugs, Linda

Heather said...

what a great update! you have been so busy! but oh what fun you've been having. i love all the photos that just capture everything so perfectly.

Sharon said...

It was nice to catch up on your sweet family and the wonderful life you have! You are truly blessed. I love all the pictures out in the country having the bonfire, I would love to be able to do that! You're kids are all so beautiful and smart and wonderful!!!

I love you!

mynest_laptopbattery said...

I like your photo very much ! And I admire your family ! you are eudaimonia !
hope you can visit back.


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