Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Voice To Spirit: A Great New Christian Band

I want to share with you this Christian band called Voice to Spirit.I love their music, which is an electronic genre. Words and music are mostly original and created by this husband and wife duo, Mackenzie and Brittany. This is the front cover of their first CD.
This is the back side of their CD. Mackenzie did the art work on their album.
Voice to Spirit came to one of our youth meetings and sang in a park setting.
The teens enjoyed hearing the beautiful music and lyrics.
We had picnic food before the concert began and ice cream after.
Mackenzie and Brittany are dear to my heart. Their songs are soothing and worshipful. Brittany has a beautiful voice, which matches the heart-felt words that they both have written together on many of their songs.
If you have an opportunity to listen to them on iTunes, please do. I'm hoping they will put their music on play list so that I could play it for you; hopefully soon.
Mackenzie and Brittany are pursuing their dream of using their talents for the Lord. I'm proud of them and happy to say that Mackenzie is my nephew, (Rose of Sharon's son), and Brittany is my new niece by marriage.
Again, this is what to look for when searching on iTunes. Bless you dear blogging friends.
"Come before His presence with singing." Psalm 100: 2


Brittany said...

Thank you, Aunt Kathi for sharing about our music! We love you!!

Heather said...

thanks for sharing this for everyone! i've listened to their music before when Brittany shared it with her blog readers. it's very fun and worship filled!

Sharon said...

You are their #1 fan! :0) You're the only one that's been to all their concerts! Thank you for being so supportive. They are so good and I am so proud of them!

:0) Love you!!!



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