Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memories Of Us ~ 25th Wedding Anniversary

Stacey and me on our third date. We went to a costume party. My sisters Kelli and Sharon and I went as the Mandrell Sisters. Sharon got to be Barbara, I was Louise and Kelli was Irlene. Stacey and I dated for a year and a half before he asked me to marry him. He told me he loved the song "Waiting For A Girl Like You," and said it was his song to me.
He wanted to wait until he graduated from college and had a stable job. Here is my sweet guy on his graduation day. Six months later, he drove down and surprised me on Valentine's Day with an engagement ring. I was so thrilled. Oh, and I did say, "Yes!"
This is my wedding album. My friend Debbie, who I've been friends with since first grade, made it for me.
Here are Dad and Mom kissing me. We could only afford snap shots from an amature photographer, but I'm happy for what I have. We didn't have a whole lot to spend, but I felt pretty and I loved my dress. It's the love that remains that counts; and that we do have.
Our youth pastor, Steve Minton, married us for free. I remember being so happy, I cried during the ceremony. My sister Kelli is standing next to me as my maid of honor.
Stacey was so happy he carried me out of the sanctuary. Everyone clapped.
My friend Jocelyn, Sharon and Kelli. Me, Stacey, two of his college buddies, and my brother Wade. The little flower girl is my cousin Anna's daughter, Amy. My mother made the Little House on the Prairie dresses. I remember buying the fabric. It was $75, not including all the lace and ribbon. I loved the girls' dresses and appreciate my mother's hard work and skill in making them.
My parents, Leonard and Shirley, me and Stacey, and his parents, John and Vivian. Looking back, I think I should have chosen a church with anything but bright orange carpet. What was I thinking?
Stacey's sister Kara did the guest book for us. I remember the cost of nearly everything: the church was $100, cake $100, my dress $60 (on sale at Reed & Cross), the photographer, $ 100, vocalists $20, fiddler, guitar, and bass players $20 each, flowers $100, and my hat with veil $20. I know because I paid for these things from working at the Bon. I'm glad that I had a simple, yet pretty wedding.
I loved our cake. My neighbor Carlene made it. I asked her to make it look like my mother's wedding cake. We grew up in a church that every wedding served the same thing: wedding cake, punch, nuts, coffee and mints. I knew no different than this. That is what we served. That is what both Kelli and Sharon served, and every wedding I had ever attended. It was tradition. Later I began going to other weddings and was surprised that food was served in most cases; huge receptions with catered food. I was a little embarrassed that maybe we should have served food, but thought, 'well, to each his own. We grew up with simple traditions and it was still lovely.'
These are the pickers who played during our wedding: bass, guitar and fiddle. I walked in to "Waltz Across Texas With Me."
Here is my friend Molly, whom I wrote about in my post about my high school 30th reunion. She is still my friend today.
This is Debbie, who lived across from me growing up. We've been friends since first grade and still are. She and her fiance' drove all the way from Yakima. I got to be in her wedding the following year.
Stacey wore a western suit and cowboy boots. We had a country wedding. If I could do things again I would have danced with my dad and my husband. We grew up in a conservative church and dancing just didn't happen. I love to see the new couple dancing together. I think it's beautiful.
Our cake was called "Fourteen Carrot Cake." It had cream cheese frosting and was very good. I may have the recipe somewhere.
I loved my dress.
I love my ring. I don't know what Stacey paid for mine, but his cost $100. We both still wear our original rings.
Signing the documents. My first time writing my new legal name.
I remember being so happy.
Ralph, my sister Kelli's husband, Eric, my sister Sharon's husband, and Stacey.
Ralph, Kelli, Eric and Sharon decorated our car. They put Oreo cookies all over it. This was my 1974 Mustang 2, which I bought from working at Arby's. Stacey rode a motor cycle, so we chose to use my car instead of his bike. Below we are holding the picture of us as children sitting together on the steps. I did tell our story in one of the Show and Tells that I did. It can be found in the archives. We were best friends as children. I can remember riding the school bus and all the kids chanting, "Kathi loves Stacey." I shouted out, "I DO NOT!!!" Now look at us. Also, below, Stacey removing my garder.
Here are a two shots from our honey moon.
Here is Stacey in the kitchen of our first little house. He looks so good. I love that red long underwear shirt he used to wear all the time. Our first home was a mobile home. Stacey bought it while he was in college. I am so thankful he did. This put us ahead so we were able to by a house later.
Here I am in our little kitchen. I loved those first years being a wife. We didn't have lots of money, but we were so happy and so in love.
One morning I opened the peanut butter and found this carved in it. It said, "Kathi I love you." Stacey knew that I would be opening it for breakfast (I eat a piece of peanutbutter toast for breakfast every morning then and now), so he carved this knowing I'd find it, and then he left for work. I thought it was so cute and wanted to remember so I took the photo.
Thank you for coming along with me to remember Sept. 10th 1983, 25 years ago on our wedding day. I'm so thankful for my dear husband and thankful that God has blessed our marriage.
"A man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." Ephesians 5:31


Jan Parrish said...

Great shots. I love old photo's and memories they bring. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

I enjoyed this post so much, you are so blessed! I cannot beleive even back them you were snappin pictures!! Who would have thought you would have that peanut butter picture to post on a blog!? What AWESOME memories.


Michelle said...

Can't tell ya just much I, too, enjoyed this post and all the pictures! Kathi, I'm SO glad that you & your husband have had such a happy life together and here 25 years later, still deeply love each other...what an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us here in Blogland :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sondra said...

What sweet memories. My hubby does things like write in the pb too! Once he cut out little hearts and wrote on them and put them in my shoes so I would see them in the morning. Aren't we lucky?
I will be back tonight to catch up on all the posts that I have missed. ;)

grey like snuffie said...

After Jesus, a wonderful husband is the best gift God ever gave me--I think you would agree. It is a gift living in this world to have such love walking with us. Happy Anniversary!

Judy said...

Your wedding was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it us, and wishing you many more beautiful years together.

luvmy4sons said...

Love the pictures. You guys were so cute! Twenty five years! Whoo hoo! congratulations!

A Romantic Porch said...

Kathi, You and Stacey are so cute. How wonderful to celebrate 25 years. Congratulations. Your wedding was beautiful. Isn't it neat what you can do on a shoestring if you try!? Have a wonderful day celebrating. xorachel

Charlotte said...

This is wonderful. Congratulations!!! This sounds like a fairy book story. I loved it. We didn't spend a lot of money on our wedding. Most people didn't back in 1958. Reception was always punch and cake. I'm amazed now how almost every wedding costs thousands of dollars and includes a sit down dinner at a fancy resort. I think people have come to expect that kind of thing. We need to get back to a little sanity. My dancing experience was exactly like yours. Now we feel differently about it but neither one even knows how to dance. If we were younger we would probably take lessons.
I hope your next 25 years are as wonderful as the first 25.
Hugs & Blessings,

onlymehere said...

Happy 25th anniversary! We had the same refreshments at our reception minus the coffee. We too started out in a mobile home. It was the happiest little home in the world for us! It also helped us get into our first home. Sadly we didn't get our honeymoon until our 25th wedding anniversary (believe it or not) and we only went to Salt Lake, but it was a great get-away for us. My husband drives all day so travelling for pleasure just isn't what he likes to do. My wedding dress was bought on clearance. Larry's wedding ring was actually more than mine but I loved my ring. It was $200.00. My future daughter-in-law has picked out a $5000.00 ring! How times have changed. I loved seeing your wedding. Don't feel bad about the orange carpet, I have basketball lines on the floor in my pictures! Oh to have had photoshop back then!! LOL!

Liz said...

Kathi, I LOVED getting the wedding tour! :) You were (and are) so beautiful, and it's so sweet that you remember all the little things about your wedding.

Strawberry Blonde said...

What a beautiful story the two of you have. I just love a good "happily ever after" story.

I hope that you and Stacey have 25 more years of laughter and love.

-- Brandi

Rosemary said...

Aw, your wedding reminds me so much of mine in 78. My mom made the bridesmaid dresses too, and we both did the flowers. My cake was a gift from a family friend. We had our reception in the church too , with punch, sandwiches, fruit and whatever else the ladies brought to serve. I think my wedding cost less than 2500.00. My brother on the other hand who was married 15 years later had a big fancy affair with a dance hall reception, band and barbeque! All to the tune of 15,000 plus!

Elena said...

This is was a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your special day! I love all the detail as it brings it to life.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Congrats on 25 years! That is amazing! Great post! I enjoyed the pictures and commentary! I love the picture where Stacey was carrying you out of the church! How sweet! And the peanut butter...oh, now that is Love! :) I agree with you on having a dance with your husband and dad! I had my reception at our church, and so we didn't have dancing! It was beautiful, but I regret that I do not have that memory to treasure!

~God Bless you, and hoping that you have at least 25 more to share!Rhonda :)

linda said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us...I enjoyed seeing pictures of your special day. I too grew up with receptions that were held at the church where cake, nuts, mints, and punch were served. Very plain and simple but that's how it was done.

Kathi, you've been blessed with a wonderful godly husband. I hope and pray that the Lord blesses you with 25 more wonderful years together.

Take care and have a great day!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Good Afternoon Kathi, How wonderful to have all of those memories in photos. What a beautiful love story you have to share.

Anonymous said...

Happy 25th anniversary to two wonderful people, we really enjoyed your blog, you have done so much together in your 25 years.
Have a wonderful day.
Mom & Dad

Deb said...

Great story! You two are living the dream! Your wedding pictures were great and you looked so young! I know you were but it's so funny to look back and see those pictures now. You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now. Stacey too! Deb

Connie said...

Happy anniversary!
Great story of young love that endureth all things.

Power Up Love said...

the greatest gift...

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Happy 25th Anniversary!! What a beautiful post. I think the two of you are such an adorable couple. I love your whole love story!!
Hugs, Terrie

Gramma 2 Many said...

This was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lifetime sanctioned by God. He is so awesome. You are truly blessed. I pray for at least 25 more for the two of you.
Happy Anniversary.

Pearl said...

Oh Kathi... this was just so beautiful to see and read about. Thank you for sharing! Your memories are so wonderful... I love your dress and hat... and the pretty feather plume pen used to sign your documents! I'm wondering, did you save that peanut butter jar to put lil treasures in? God bless...

~hugs 'n love~


Rue said...

Kathi... You made me cry! I think it was the peanut butter story that put me over the edge. I loved your post. Happy Anniversary!



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