Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Sharon & Belated Happy to Kelli

My Dear Sister Sharon is having a birthday today!! You only look 35, Sharon. I hope you have a very happy day today!
My sister Sharon, can be found at Rose of Sharon May.
I want to say Happy Belated Birthday to my older sister Kelli, who had a birthday August 28th. I neglected to put up a post on your real birthday, Kelli, but want you to know how much you mean to me. I'm so blessed to have both my dear sisters whom I love so much.
We will be getting together for our annual birthday brunch in a few weeks, in which we celebrate our mother's birthday too. All three birthdays are within weeks of each other.
I look forward to this each year. Here we are last year. God bless you sweet sisters. Hugs, Kathi


Rue said...

Hi Kathi :)

Happy Birthday to all three lovely ladies! My word! Ya'll are beautiful!!

I just finished catching up with you. Most of those women are in my prayers too and all of them are.

The gaucamole looks so good! I love love love avacados!! :)

Happy upcoming Anniversary!

Oh and I'm so glad school is going well for your kids. I know how much that means to you :)


Michelle said...

Well, just look at all of you lovely ladies...my, you're all just gorgeous - inside and out! Happy Birthday to all the 'birthday girls'!!! Hope you really enjoy your upcoming get-together!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to all. You really are all such lovely ladies :)

Cottage Contessa said...

Happy Birthday to all of these beautiful, and no doubt very charming ladies! I will have to pop over to see Sharon right now! I hope you and Stacey had a lovely time away together Kathi, and that the kids are all having an awesome time at school. Wishing you a wonderful sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Jan Parrish said...

Oh, thanks for the heads up. I'll pop over and say Happy Birthday to Sharon.

Happy Bday Kelli. Where is her blog? ;)

Two sisters? You are very blessed. Have a wonderful time!

luvmy4sons said...

Happy, happy birthday to all! What a blessing your sisters are. I know I have two wonderful sisters myself!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thank You for the morning tip. This morning was great, no problems.

onlymehere said...

How fortunate to have such wonderful sisters and your mom too! Happy birthday to all. I have six sisters but don't keep in touch. Long story that no one wants to hear but suffice it to say we do better if we're not around each other. Count your blessings, I know I see at least three in the picture with you!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Happy Birthday!!You are all so beautiful!! I have 3 sisters. I just love having my sisters and mom. Your picture reminds me of the times I get to go home to IL. to visit them. You're making me homesick!! xoxoxo Terrie

Deb said...

Happy Birthday all, you ladies look so lovely and friendly I can just pull up a chair and join you! Deb

Liz said...

There's nothing like a family of sisters. Not that I'm biased or anything! :)

You're all three such lovely ladies.

Elena said...

Happy Birthday to all of you! You all look so pretty and so young and I know it is because you have beautiful hearts! Have a blessed day! Elena

Brenda said...

He wold love anything home made.
They wouldn't have a problem with the apples at all. I would just pick them before they are to ripe. Yo may want to protect them well. Honey My Rian appreciates anything. He loves music and has his guitar there.
He will love any lotion or bath gel.
Just make it you and he will love it.

Sharon said...

Thank you so very much Kathi! I had a wonderful day! I look forward to our birthday lunch!

love you!



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