Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jessica's Prom: Day Two

There's so much more to tell about Jessica's prom. We are on day two now. Come join us. Here we reveal prettiest skirts to grace any dance floor.Now we must search for the perfect location for the group shots. The young men insisted upon two classic photo shots. Not to be out done by the girls, they show their socks. The girls are simply mesmerized by the boys' typical prom pics. Yes, we had to throw in the expected Charlie's Angel shot. How could we not? Here is the real group shot. It is very difficult to get every eye on the camera, so I chose the one that Jessica was looking at me. Hee hee. Here is a close up of Jessica and her date, D.J. Jessica is on the ballot for Prom Queen!!! And to think, she did not have a date one week ago.

And a full length shot. Delenn and Peter. Peter is up for Prom King. He got Homecoming King last fall, when he was Jessica's date for homecoming. Delenn should have been on the ballot too. She is such a sweet girl. Rose and Mark. Both of them are on the ballot for Prom King and Queen. Both are hard working athletes and do lots of community service. Olivia and her date. Neither are on the ballot, but both are qualified to be. They are such great kids. Here is a girls only shot. Very nice!
Victoria took many of the prom photos. I finally grabbed the camera to get her photo with her younger sister. Victoria was never nominated for queen, but she is so very happy for her sister and hopes that she will win. I love the bond between these two. Ben's date never showed up for photos. The girls did not want him to feel left out, so they all gathered around him to make him feel loved. Victoria grabbed the camera back and took my photo with Jessica. I am so happy for her. Her dad was on a business trip and could not be here to see her in her pretty red dress, though he wanted to be. 'Tis now time to depart for dinner out, and then to the ball room where the dancing will commence, and the Prom King and Queen shall be named and crowns shall be worn... The suspense is building. More in a day or two... 

"You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness," Psalm 30:11

Blessings, Kathi

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Sue said...

Hi Kathi, I have been off line for a few days, so nice to catchup. Your post about Quiet Time with God touched me so much, yours and Sharon's relationship reminds me so much of my older sister and I, we can call or visit anytime and are there for each other. What a wonderful legacy your Dad is leaving his family setting the example rather than words,and now both you,Sharon, and your other sister are doing the same for your children!
The Prom photos are precious and I loved what Jessica's coach set up, so awesome! What wonderful memories ! The couples are beautiful as well as the dresses!
I am always blessed by the scripture you share, i used to post scripture at the end of my posts, but for some reason stopped,I am now thinking I might begin again if posting a scripture can encourage someone as I am encouraged by yours,then I need to begin again. One never knows who is in is need of encouragement. Thanks for always inspiring me!


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