Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Cannot Run; You Cannot Hide

Garrett said, "This yellow shirt is too bright. I don't like it." "Why, Garrett? You look so good in yellow." "The Duties, on recess can see everything I do. They know everywhere I go. I can't hide. If I go up the slide, they see it. And, I have to sit against the wall, for one minute." As a mother, I like that yellow shirt very much. Ha ha! I told Garrett, that for this very reason he should be doing the right thing all the time, and I reminded him that the Lord God sees everything he does.
Blessings, Kathi “...You are the God who sees me...” Genesis 16:13


Gina said...

He's going to start to wonder when you begin to put him in that shirt every day....
Maybe you could get it in green, royal blue, red, orange....

Sue said...

So cute, I am married to a man who loves yellow shirts, I will now remind him of making sure he does the right thing, a very great point you have made.
Garrett is so cute, I used to be able to lift myself on a limb, but can't anymore ~lol~

Your post from yesterday hit home to us too, except ours was in produce, I so related. Hope those folks read your blog, and were convicted also thankful they weren't named.~grin~
Enjoy your day.

Mommyblogger said...

Ahh...spoken like a true child! Love it :)


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