Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sister Time With Sharon

I love sister time. Awhile back Sharon invited me over to spend the night. We stayed up late watching movies and eating junk food. We talked for hours. I love being with my sister. The next day we both had to get groceries, so, why not together?
I wanted to show Sharon's cute outfit from the front. She is always stylish and fun. She is not afraid to wear bright colors and animal prints. I am a bit shy to do that, but wanting to try.
While I was at her house she surprised me with a special gift. For the longest time I have wanted a recipe box just like hers. She found this old file box and spray painted it green. She then took regular file folders and shortened them. They are perfect for holding larger recipes.
She added a cute photo inside her box and also inside the cute yellow one she made for me. I just love it! I love my sister and I am so thankful for her and our fun visits."If thou wilt send our brother with us, we will go down and buy thee food" Genesis 43:3-5


Happy@Home said...

I'm glad that you and Sharon could enjoy your sister time. It looks like a fun day and the recipe box she made for you is great. I'm sure you will be thinking of her every time you use a recipe from it.

Rose of Sharon said...

I loved our time together! So glad you are enjoying the recipe box! I love you!!!!


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