Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mother and Daughter Shopping for the Prom

This is an exciting day! Victoria and I are going shopping for her prom dress.
She's been studying the fashion magazines for just the right thing.
Off we go to the mall.
I enjoy this mother and daughter time so much.
There are so many choices and many stores to visit.
This one has many colors, but only two long dresses. Who decided that a prom dress was now a mini dress instead of a formal? Victoria wants a formal. Also, the prices at this store were a bit too high, especially for such a small amount of fabric.
These are pretty, but there are only a few left in her size. What to do?
Victoria remembered the name of the perfect store; Epris!!
This is it!!!
I think Victoria hit the jackpot!!
She found the perfect dress, so we are stopping for lunch at Olive Garden.
What a wonderful day. I will show you her new hair cut and her new teeth; no more braces in future posts. Also, I will tell you what happened. This saying goes with it, "All dressed up, with no place to go." Sadly, after she purchased her dress, her boyfriend broke up with her. All is not lost though, for Victoria recovered and is doing fine. She was asked to her prom by a good friend. I like the saying, "When God closes a door, He opens a window."

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Rose of Sharon said...

What a fun day! I love the dress she ended up getting. She has grown up to be such a beautiful girl. The Lord will bring her that very special guy soon!

Hugs, Sharon


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