Monday, December 6, 2010

Protestant Penicillin?

Okay this is totally coming from an inside joke from my Dear Jewish neighbor Arleen. She told me that among Jewish Mothers, chicken noodle soup was called "Jewish Penicillin" and could cure whatever ailed her child. Well, I am not Jewish, so I thought, what do I do all the time for my children when they don't feel good, but they are hungry? Here it is. This is it: It's a must, and I keep it on hand at all times. It is tapioca. Yep, this is it. I serve warm, home-cooked tapioca pudding. It cures any ailment and I call it my "Kathi's Protestant Penicillin," (being silly, but truthful).

Poor Harrison, he has missed three days of school, due to flu like symptoms. Mom has come to the rescue like she always does. Harrison always asks for tapioca about the 2nd or 3rd day of a sickness and it always seems to set him to rights.
The truth is God is really the one who heals each and every one of us, be it a tiny scratch or cancer. God puts new skin where skin was scraped and scabbed over. I praise God that I am fearully and wonderfully made. I also praise him for keeping our family healthy, with the usual ailments and colds, but for the most part; really good health. I know that if cancer should strike and He choose not to heal, that I could trust Him. He will never leave me or forsake me. Thank you Lord.


Gina said...

At our house it is tea and toast. There is just something about that one comfort food that seems to put a body to rights.

Sharon said...

Your a great mother! I never got in the habit of giving my kids tapioca, but I gave them soup and crackers. Usually the first thing they want after they've been sick is grapes!

Love you, Shar


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