Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Day Dinner

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dear Blogging Friends. I'm so Thankful for all God is doing in my life.
Our day started out at 5:00 am. I got the turkey into the oven by 6:00 and Garrett helped me peel potatoes at 7:00.
My apple pie went into the oven at 9:00 am. I used Granny Smith apples from our trees.
Jessica tried a new recipe from a magazine. She made mashed potatoes with cheese, bacon and green onion. They were delicious.
I cooked my 15 pound half of the 30 pound turkey. I was glad it fit in an oven bag. It turned out perfectly and was moist.
Here is our table. I'm thankful for all the good food we have to eat and cozy home we live in.
Jessica's potatoes were a big hit.
I made broccoli salad, which even though, it too, included bacon like Jessica's potatoes, was also liked by everyone.
We were so glad Grandma Vivian could be with us. Harrison loves his grandma.
Jessica and I did most of the cooking today. I'm so glad she wanted to help me so much.
Victoria and Garrett helped Dad outside most of the morning and took care of the chickens, goats and cattle.
My husband enjoyed our meal and had all of us go around the table to tell what we were thankful for. We are so blessed and thankful to God.
Grandma and her clean up crew get the dishes done.
Harrison kept the fire going in the family room.
I'm so glad he made several trips out to bring in more wood. He and Stacey cut the fire wood last year, so it is quite dry. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving like we did. "How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you." Psalm 31:19


onlymehere said...

This looks like a yummy feast! I have a bit of catching up to do with you! This was the first year that my turkey was cooked right on time when I said it would be and was moist! Yup, I'm patting myself on the back here! You look like such a good cook so I'm sure your's is always good and tasty but mine....not so much, lol!

Shelley said...

Looks yummy and fun with family.
Love, the Stuewe's

Jan Parrish said...

What a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. I'm thankful for dear blogging friends like you. Have a blessed holiday season.

Jocelyn said...

Everything looks so yummy !

I would love that mashed potato recipe :)

I made Sharons Broccoli salad and everyone loved it!

Happy Holidays!

Brittany said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jessica's potatoes look amazing! What do you think about all of us girls having a cooking or baking day? I think it would be fun! Have a great weekend! Love you!

Suzanne said...

We had the same smashed potatoes at my Sister-in-laws. They were SO GOOD!!!!! Definitely a keeper! Suzanne

Heather said...

everything looks delicious! i love that you have so many raw food resources right there on your property. how amazing it is to be able to raise, kill and eat your own turkey, use your own apples from your own tree, and so on. maybe someday i'll have something like that. i love that the family helps out so much too. you all are truly blessed. i'm glad you had a nice Thanskgiving! oh and i'm totally drooling for some of your apple pie!

Elena said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome thanksgiving! Your pie looks delicious.

gin said...

what a lovely dinner. God is so good. So sorry about the news of your pastor. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to his wife and family and church family.

Sharon said...

It looks like you guys had such a lovely Thanksgiving! You are so blessed with your neat family!

:0) Sharon


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