Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thousand Island Dressing: It Really Is A Mom's Secret Ingredient

My hamburgers have always been just ho-hum. Until I bought a bottle of THIS. Now I have heard this for years, that Thousand Island dressing makes the hamburgers at favorite burger joints taste that perfect way.
My daughter Victoria agrees. She loves my hamburgers now, and so does my whole family. So ladies, if your hamburgers are just run of the mill and you want to perk them up, get a bottle of Thousand Island dressing. It will solve all of your problems and make your dreams come true...oops. I got a little carried away. Only Jesus can do that for us. He will save us from our sins and will never leave us. Our lives will not be perfect and no, all our problems will not go away, but He promises to go through our trials with us and give us a peace that makes no sense. He does answer prayer. He is faithful. If you do not know Him personally, but have always wanted to, let me encourage you to begin reading in your Bible in the New Testament. READ all for Gospels, but before you do ask Him to reveal Himself to you through His Word. He is faithful. He did it for me and He will for you. God bless you. Kathi "JESUS SAID, 'WHOEVER BELIEVES IN ME, AS THE SCRIPTURE HAS SAID, STREAMS OF LIVING WATER WILL FLOW FROM WITHIN HIM.'" JOHN 7:38


Connie said...

Kathi, maybe that's why I love Big Macs so much. They have a thousand island type dressing on them. I remember Shoney's big boys as a child and loved those also. I think they had a "secret sauce" on them like that, honey! I'll try it next time we do burgers.

Sharon said...

Good advice! I will have to try that. Although, when we have homemade BBQ burgers they are usually a favorite with everyone. We don't have them that often. I am so thankful that I know Jesus and I am saved by His grace!

Glad to hear your garage sale was a success today! I ended up taking a nap. I am feeling a little under the weather. I think I need to start taking better care of myself, the main area I need to work on is my diet, drinking water and taking my vitamins.

See you tomorrow!
Love, Sharon

Heather said...

interesting! how do you make them, you use a whole bottle of dressing? how much meat? i usually buy 2 lbs of meat when i make burgers so we can have some frozen for later. do i use the whole bottle? and other spices or anything?

Kathi said...

Heather, I used just a little right along with the ketchup, mustard and mayo. It just gives them that added "umph" to spark them up.

Heather said...

oh, LOL. here i didn't even think that's what you meant! i was thinking you mixed it in the meat before shaping into patties! duh!

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I have never thought to use Thousand Island dressing that way. I'll have to put it out the next time we have burgers.

Julieann said...

Kathi, I love thousand island, my husband not so much.
You put the dressing on top of the burger right?

Your daughter is sooo cute!!!



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