Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Love Story: I'm The Girl Next Door! Now It's Our 26th Wedding Anniversary!

Stacey and Kathi ~ this is our love story. We were married September 10, 1983
Our story begins way before this wedding photo. Let me begin by telling you God told ME who I was going to marry one whole year before I actually started dating him. Let me tell you the circumstances if you have a few minutes to listen to my story. When I was this age I began to panic that I may never meet Mr. Right. There was no prince charming in my life and both of my sisters had wonderful boyfriends. I stewed and worried over this for awhile. I got the sense that I might be an old maid. I decided to pray about this.
The problem I had was I was not interested in the boys who were interested in me. The ones I was attracted to were not good for me. What a dilemma. As I poured my heart out to the Lord about these things, I resolved that I wanted God to make the choice for me. I told Him that if He wanted me to be single the rest of my life I would be for His sake. I prayed that He would be glorified in my life. I decided I wanted the Lord and knowing Him intimately more than I wanted marriage. I gave this desire to Him. As I drive my car I continued pouring out my heart and rejoicing in my new decision. I drove past a little white house which my childhood friend, a boy named Stacey lived. When I looked at that house I remembered that nice boy; my best friend when I was four and he was five. I still had that little black and white photo of the two of us on the steps of that white house. Instantly as I thought these things I saw:
S-T-A-C-E-Y (L-A-S-T-- N-A-M-E) written on my windshield. I knew immediately that God told me I was going to marry this childhood friend, whom I had not seen in years, because he had moved away. I began to laugh. I wrote in my diary that I was going to be the wife of Stacey. I knew it in my heart and nothing could change that. I believed this so much that I told the Lord this, "Since this is true, then I will not need to call him, write him, or go see him. You will make this happen." I waited ONE WHOLE YEAR, and prayed a lot. Then one fine evening the phone rang. It was of course S-T-A-C-E-Y!!! He asked me if I remembered him. Are you kidding? Y-E-S, I do! You are written all over my diary, I was thinking joyously. He asked me for a date the following Friday. Keep in mind I have not seen him in years. I have no idea what he looks like or how he behaves or anything. I knew he came from a good family. That was a long week. My heart did flip flops all week long.
You can imagine how I felt when I saw this tall blonde gorgeous guy drive up to take me out to dinner. No, he wasn't on his motorcycle for our first date. I knew that God had brought us together. As time went by he asked me to marry him and I said , "YES." I asked him if God told him he was going to marry me, and he said, "No, He didn't tell me a thing about you ahead of time. My mom just thought I ought to call you up, and I thought that sounded great." He still had his copy of that little black and white photo too. We both kept it all these years!!
We went back to the same little white house and had our wedding invitation made from the pictures. The front said, "We liked each other then..."
Then the inside said, "We love each other now."
Now we have been married for 26 wonderful years. I'm so blessed to have my sweetie. We went away for a few days to one of our favorite little towns.
We stayed at our favorite bed and breakfast. Stacey let me take him to see "Julie & Julia." I had already seen it with our daughters, but he said he'd go with me. What a great guy.
He loved it just as much as I did. We went to many fine restaurants, wineries, antique shops and decorating stores for me and the Porsche dealership for him (just looking)."Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate." Mark 10:9 I'm so thankful that God brought us together. I love my husband. Have a blessed day ~Kathi ...and I am so glad Stacey finally noticed me, the girl next door!


onlymehere said...

Kathi: This is the sweetest love story ever and I love the invitation and the saying you put in it. I believe also that God speaks to us and guides us. It's funny but I worried about being an old maid too. I didn't marry until I was 22 and in Utah that's old (most girls marry by the age of 19 or 20). All of my friends were married with babies when I got married. I didn't have my first child either until I was 25 so I was really out of the loop with my friends. God is good and I'm so grateful that he listens to our prayers! I believe that Stacey's mother was inspired to ask him to call you. God bless you and Stacey on this anniversary and always. Cindy

Paula (Believing Woman) said...

Congratulations!!! You are such a cute couple!!!

Brenda Eason said...

That brings tears to my eyes. Your own Fairy Tale. if i can think of one special person who deserved it I would pick you. I know you have been a blessing to him as much as he has you.
God has blessed you greatly.

Connie said...

Happy anniversary, chickee! Jack and I recently celebrated our 48th and we're amazed. Love that man.
OOOoooooh, would you like to exchange links with me. I'm redoing my blog roll that got trashed and would love to. Just email me from my blog on the right hand side and let me know.

Shelley said...

Congrats! God is good in finding the right person for us.
He dose give us the desires of our hearts when our hearts are in line with his.
We have very similar stories. Thanks for sharing yours.
Here's mine:
The guys that were interested in me I wasn't interested in because they didn't love God.
I had a boy friend for 2 years then became a Christian.
When I became a Christian at 16 my boyfriend and I were having problems I didn't want to party and do ungodly things so we broke up. He told me all I needed was my Bible, I said your right.
I cried for months and asked God to help me threw the pain of a lost friendship and to help me not make a bad choice if I ever dated again. I told God I didn't want to date unless it was going to be the man I married.
A mutual friend of Eric and I thought we would be a great couple. He would tell me about Eric and Eric about me.
The funny thing was I remember Eric from the 8th grade that he was a nice boy.
Because I was reading Proverbs day and night learning about what kind of person I should become I knew what qualities I should be looking for in a person.
Then one day Eric came into the counseling office to change his class schedule.
He signed up for a class I was in, and we were reacquainted.
He asked me to the Jr. Sr. Prom and I said yes.
I was instantly attracted to him.
He came to church with me, we worked in youth group together. We lead a Bible Study of Proverbs, he lead the guys and I lead the girls.
When I went off to college he wrote me every single day.
After being friends and working together for 3 years we married.
I knew I wanted to marry him after we first met, I just was waiting for him.
We will be married 31 years in December.
God is very good.

Heather said...

happy anniversary! wow 26 years. that's awesome! love the photos of you two. what a sweet story of love.

Carol said...

Happy 26th anniversary Kathi! Your love story is beautiful. It's so awesome that God is always at work in our lives even when we think nothing is happening.


Stacy Dean said...

Congratulations! You guys are SO cute and look so happy. Love your outfit :)

Lori said...

You've told a beautiful story of God's faithfullness. God is so good. You are an adorable couple. Blessings. Lori

Michele said...

What a beautiful story! I pray you all have a wonderful anniversary!

It's Jan! said...

What a wonderful testimony to faith in the Lord's plans for us!

Your story took my breath away, it's so touching...Happy anniversary, may our Lord bless you with many more years together.

Jan in PA

Elena said...

Kathi, that is such an awesome story. Happy Anniversary! I did what you did as far as giving it completely to the Lord, only I took longer. I was 34 years old and still single. I too was attracted to the wrong guys even though they wer professing Christians. Through a set of dreams, God gave me the timing of when his choice for a mate would come into my life. It had to do with Russia. In July of 2001 I went on a missions trip to Russia and I did not have the money, I was broke and without me asking a single person, I had all the money I needed. Six days before I left on my trip, my husband called me at the suggestion of a friend of mine and we talked for 3 hours and he asked if I would like to meet his parents. I had known who he was for 2 years but didn't know anything about him. The night he called I felt like I finally found the person who was so much like me! I felt he was like family, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. We dated for a year in complete purity (that was really hard for both of us because we were so attacked to each other) but we had so much fun and God blessed our time of dating! God promised me I would be married when I asked him at the age of 20 but little did I know that I would have to wait 22 years. But after meeting Rich, it had all been worth it. He is my best friend, my lover and my soul mate. I am so thankful for what the Lord has done for us. Your story is so wonderful and such an encouragement to young girls about letting the Lord choose your husband and not trying to make it happen on your own! God bless you. Love, Elena

Charlotte said...

This is one of the sweetest love stories I've ever heard. Love the picture when you were kids and the ones of you now and when you were married. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blessing.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

Happy Anniversary Kathi and Stacey!!!! What a beautiful story. I'm glad you had a wonderful time away just the two of you.

linda said...

What a beautiful story and what a beautiful couple! Congrats on your anniversary!

Sharon said...

You guys have a neat love story. It is wonderful that you are still in love today! I am happy for you! I thought you ran into after all those years at the fair??? Am I mixing the story up? I love the pictures of you guys on the porch, they are so cute!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Sharon

Jan Parrish said...

What a sweet story. I'm going to send this link to someone who is worried she'll never be married.

shamrock fields said...

I remember reading about your sweet love story when I first found your blog. I shared it with my husband and my girls. Thanks for sharing it again! Blessings for a wonderful anniversary!!! Molly

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing, I too like all the others have goosebumps:)

Pearl said...

Ohhh Kathi, this is just such a Beautiful post about Love and Faith. I'm very glad to be able to wish you and Stacey a very Happy Anniversary! My Husband and I recently celebrated our 20th Anniversary.

I've enjoyed reading your posts and doing some much needed, and wanted, catching up ... You've entered my thoughts often during the Summer, and have remained in my prayers ... I want to thank you for your continued prayers for me ~hugs~ it just means so very much to me, and I can truly tell that God is hearing all of our prayers and I love how they bring such peace to my heart and soul ... Indeed, we're all so blessed to have such a Loving and Good Father!

I do hope that all is going well in your world and with you 'n your lovely family ... may these final days of Summer be filled with blessings for you, my friend ♥

Kelly said...

Oh Kathi, you have me crying! This is the sweetest love story! I was already tearing up when you told the Lord that you would be single for all of your days and that you'd marry who He chose for you - and then I had even bigger gushers when you and Stacey both had kept the same black and white photo! You guys are so blessed. What a true joy your family is to the Lord.! :O)

SO romantic! Happy (now belated) anniversary!!!!!!

Joy said...

Happy belated anniversary! Looks like you had a great time and love the story of how you all met and fell in love.

Sandra said...

Well that is just the SWEETEST story!!

A Romantic Porch said...

Happy Belated Anniversary...but when you are in love it just kind of keeps going and going doesn't it? What an absolutely touching story of God's faithfulness. Thank you for sharing it. The photos of you are so awesome. you are beautiful. xo rachel

Cha Cha said...

How sweet, I love the wedding hat. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Shihaam said...

Happy belated anniversary!! Loved the story! =)


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