Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ironing Can Be A Time of Prayer For Our Loved Ones

Good afternoon Dear Readers, Today I am doing the ironing just as I used to do when we were first married. This is me back in the 80's ironing our clothes. We could not afford to send things out to have them laundered and ironed so I always did it. It wasn't my favorite job, but I learned to like it. My cousin Anna told me that she prayed for her husband and children while she ironed their clothes. I loved her idea and decided to to this myself. My husband has many business shirts, which take a lot of time to iron. During the years that we began having children, my time became very precious. I had many things to do. Also we became financially able to send them to the dry cleaner. Now that times are more economically challenging and I have more time because my children are older I am back to ironing them myself which I am enjoying once again.
These are the same hands ironing for my dear husband as they did years ago, though now showing their age with a few spots and wrinkles of their own. God bless you dear friends and have a lovely day. Kathi "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might" Ecclesiates 9:10


Michelle said...

Hi Kathi ~ Hope you are having a great week! I used to do the same thing as I ironed Bobby's work shirts; now he sends them out to the cleaners and I find myself doing Tyler's work shirts :) It is always such a pleasure visiting your blog!

Michelle :)

Heather said...

i love the idea of praying while you iron :)

adsgram said...

So funny that I just bought myself a new iron and ironing board this week. I like to iron, but in the Summer not much around here needs (or gets) it. It is almost time for the holiday tablecloths and the long sleeved shirts. My old board was broken, and the old iron was OLD...we have been married almost 38 years, and it was only the second one I had owned.

I am all set for cool weather ironing now! Have a wonderful weekend!


Carol said...

Hi Kathi,
I started ironing my husbands work dress shirts about 6 months ago to save on our monthly expenses. Tuesday I ironed 12 shirts, my aching feet! I love the idea of praying while I iron!


Shelley said...

I do think its good to do your best at all times to honor God.

My husband likes to iron so I let him do it.

I enjoy doing dishes, and I enjoy cleaning floors on my hands and knees, it's a good time to think about things, and pray.

I like the idea of praying while your ironing.

Sandra said...

That is a good idea to use that time to pray. That is one of the few times that no one bothers me. I iron every Monday and I go in my room to do it. I'll have to start putting that prayer time into practice tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!!

Sharon said...

You have been a good wife to Stacey all these years. What great advice Anna gave you about praying for him when you iron. You should get a picture of you ironing now days too so you can remember.

Have a happy day!

Love, Sharon


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