Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun Mom Date With My Son

Mom dates are supposed to be fun. So when this happened on one of my mom dates with my son Garrett, I knew I had to make it right. When things go wrong I want to make them right.
I should have post-pond our mom date. We ended up having several things that day which delayed our date. Clouds began rolling in. The older kids needed a ride somewhere which put a time limit on my time with Garrett. Dark rain clouds poured rain, so visiting the park was out. We went to a fast food place, but no other children were there to play. We went to the new library, but Garrett doesn't like change. I assumed he would love it, but he missed the old library, which was across town and not open after 5:00 pm. He began crying for want of the old library. Right then and there I decided we'd start over and plan things out for another day. Garrett agreed to this and so this is what we did:
First of all being a busy mother, and living far from town, I did decide to combine one fun thing with another. This saved gas and still allowed us plenty of time together. He had a birthday party in town, so I combined our mom date with that. Here he is at a fantastic toy store for the birthday party.
Upstairs the boys made crafts and played games.
I love this kind of magical toy store. This is looking down from the party.
Garrett happily making his shark.
Mason, the birthday boy, is in the blue shirt. Soon cake was all gone and birthday wishes given, so it was time to really begin our mom date. Our first stop was the old library.
Garrett wanted to check out Magic School Bus videos. This library has all the charm one wants when entering its old heavy doors.
I told him now that he was older and responsible enough he could obtain his own library card and to his delight he marched up those stairs...
to sign on the dotted line.
A thankful boy feeling grown up. Next on our agenda, the carousel museum.
This amazing project will be complete in three years. Many volunteers carve animals for a traditional size "huge" carousel; the kind from the early 20th century.
This kind man took the time to show Garrett how he creates the animal from a large piece of wood.
Each one is hand carved and painted.
The powerful motor capable of turning the carousel was donatedand and from an original and very old carousel, but the old platform was too far gone and had to be replaced.
The new wooden platform is nearly complete.
These are not your traditional animals, but fun interesting exotic animals.
It's amazing to see such detail and care going into each animal. Garrett standing next to a miniature carousel. We had a picnic and went to the dollar tree, but my camera batteries failed, so I will just leave you with this photo of my smiling boy who loved being with me and I loved being with him. We were not rushed and enjoyed our time together. "Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever" 1Chronicles 16:34


Heather said...

sounds like a perfect date! those animals for the carousel are awesome! what a fun place to visit!

Shelley said...

What a fun day, what a beautiful library. I've always wanted to visit the carousel museum just haven't done it yet and a toy store to boot.

I have 2 daughters grown and married, never had a mother son relationship.

But God has blessed me with two son's in laws and someone did all work.

I thank God for their mothers.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I'm so glad your mom date turned out better. What a fun day for the two of you. I would love to visit that museum.

Sharon said...

I'm so happy that things worked out. Our children are sensitive and they know when things get busy and they are not the priority. I'm so glad that you had the wisdom to make another Mom date with him. I love that old library and museum! That is so cool! Having special one on one with our children gets them so much love!

Love, Sharon

Brenda Eason said...

What a wonderful time. I loved the photos and so glad things worked out.The happy face is so nice.

Michelle said...

What wonderful photos of your sweet son! I'm so glad you & Garrett enjoyed a nice time together! That library really is neat :)

I have a 300th Post Giveaway going on right sure to come by and sign up!


shamrock fields said...

What a neat story--and I love the carousel--hope you and Garret will make a visit and post pictures when it is completed! I know how he felt about not being able to go to the same library! My favorite little post office just closed--it was way out of the way--but it was cute so that is why I went there! The new one is closer and modern--but it is just not cute--and I think cute is important! Blessings- Molly

Elena said...

That is so wonderful that you had a great time. You are such a loving and devoted mom. God bless you! Elena


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