Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fall Happenings

I absolutely love this store. I bought a birthday gift for my friend. Since our daughters Victoria and Jessica were with me, along with their friend Abby, we simply had to stop in at Taco Bell.
The girls just love this place and decided to split a big box. I had two tacos.
The girls enjoying their food. We continued our shopping at the mall.
Girls being silly at GI Joe's. We met Abby's mother at the mall so she went home. Then we picked up my husband at the auto body shop where he dropped off the BMW. When something breaks he fixes it immediately. I appreciate that about him so much.
Since he was not able to have lunch he was quite hungry, so it was off to the Asian restaurant for yummy food.
We love this place. The food is as good as you'd get in a big city. The owners take pride in cooking excellent food. Thank you Stacey for taking us out to dinner and for taking the car in. That broken window was fixed in two days!
I like the atmosphere too. Harrison had the best day ever. He gets to shoot air soft guns all afternoon with Quintin and Kyle! A few weeks ago our friends Doug and Norie and their children came to our house. Well, our son Harrison and I got to come to their home for the day. Harrison and their boys went to a paintball place and played air soft for four solid hours while I visited with Norie and saw her beautiful new kitchen. Norie's new kitchen is so nice. I love her new pantry.I love the way the pretty glass door looks when the light is turned on. Remember the apples I gave her? She made this much applesauce and pie filling in one day!!
Norie is amazing!!
She built a six stall barn with beautiful tack room. Her children help clean stalls each day without complaining. When I picked up Harrison, his buddies posed for this shot. They had a blast.
I took this photo through the glass window. It looks like a war zone; just perfect for these teen boys. They bonded and covered for each other. Harrison said he made some great buddies.
When we got home we found my husband Stacey painting the bathroom. He paints with one hand in his pocket. He's always done that. I love you Stacey. Thanks for all you do.
Stacey put the tile floor in himself. He did such a great job. Stacey painting trim. This room used to be an ugly blue.Our new shower installed!! The bathroom is coming along. I will show before and after photos soon. Stacey and Garrett having fun carving pumpkins.
I decided to get in on it too. I love the smell of the inside. It reminds me of being a little girl.
The kids danced to the "Thriller" song after we carved pumpkins. Garrett wanted to be a robot for school. I found these aluminum things in the pantry. He fixed a hat and flashlight together for his head. He was a bit nervous about walking into school. He thought that the other children might make fun of him. He was elated when several wished they'd though of it.
The girls wanted to dress up like a singer named Avril Lavigne.
In other news, I bought one more sweater to keep me warm while substitute teaching. I get so cold. I just love Ross Dress For Less. I think this one was less than $15 and keeps me warm.
There is so much more news. I will tell it soon. I must finish reading to Garrett and go to sleep. It's been a wonderful month, week and day. I have so much that I am thanking God for. He is so good. Have a pleasant evening. I will hopefully get back to all of you tomorrow. Bless you, Kathi Then thou shalt call on the Lord and He will answer; thou shalt cry and He shall say, " Here am I..." Isaiah 58:9


Sharon said...

What a fun, newsey post! What a fun day at the mall with the girls! They are getting so big and grown up and they are both so beautiful! Stacey is such a great husband, he always takes care of business so quickly! Wow, the bathroom is sure coming along! How exciting! Harrison looked so cute with his friends, they are sure having fun with air soft. I am so glad he has those neat friends. I also love Garrett's Halloween costume, it is so cute and creative! I'm glad the other kids liked it!

I hope you had fun at Kelli and Ralph's and I hope that you guys have a great Thanksgiving trip!

I love you!

Pearl said...

Ohh Kathi... Thank you so much for this post... It warmed my ♥heart♥ to catch up with you and your dear family... Also, I wanted to let you know what I did tonight... I actually cooked dinner for my family! I honestly cannot recall the last time that I was able to do that... I was so thankful that God allowed me to do this for my guys... They were all so appreciative of my effort... Of course, now I am in all kinds of "new" pain, but it's a pain that I'm grateful for, this time...

The last photo in your post made me shed some tears... When I was a lil girl, my Mom used to read me the book, "Little Bear's Visit" ... Don't you just adore the "Little Bear" books?! When my sons were lil, I read them to them, too... such precious memories!

Thank you, also, for sharing from Isaiah... I really, really needed to read that passage from the Bible... I hope your job continues to go well for you, and I'm so glad you found a nice sweater to keep you warm at work... Do take special care, my friend... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


luvmy4sons said...

Many, many blessngs there to be thankful for! You are greatly blessed. Such a lovely family.

Michelle said...

Good morning Kathi ~ I'm so glad it's been a wonderful month for you! You have such a precious family and I appreciate you sharing your life with us here in pictures :) Hope you have a really great week!


Heather said...

great pictures! my favorite is Stacey painting with his hand in his pocket! How cool is that?! He looks so relaxed!

Elena said...

It was great hearing about your month. You sure have a lot to be thankful for! Your kids are all so cute. The pumkin carving and costumes looked like so much fun! Have a great day. Elena

Judy said...

This was a fun post. You are always doing something fun. I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Looks like you have been busy, I like the way your hubby paints with one hand in pocket:)

Simply Heart And Home said...

I remember Little Bear. Oh, those were the days!

You are smart to hit the mall before the holiday crowds. I've most of my shopping done. I try to avoid the malls if possible after Thanksgiving.

Have a lovely day!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Kathi, I loved you filling us in on what's happening in your life. I love to see your adventures with your kids. Stacey looks like a nice guy. He's doing a great job in the bathroom. Wow!! Are you fixing up the whole house? Lucky, you!!! I've missed you!!
Hugs, Terrie

jennifer said...

Y'all have been so busy!

Was that Vanilla Bean Noel that you were standing by? Love it! That is my scent!

Brenna said...

Kathi, you have such a beautiful family. Got your email. Love, Bren

Gina said...

You've been a busy girl. It's good to get things fixed right away- we're not so great at that here. And Stacey painting cracked me up. When I paint, I get my whole body involved- especially my hair!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Kathi, Great post! I need to do one big catch-up post, too! Great idea! ...enjoyed yours!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Laura said...

Ooo!! I love all your songs on your playlist - Neil Diamond is a huge favorite of mine.

Lady Farmer said...

Sending many Thanksgiving Blessings your way.


claire said...

What a fun post. I love reading about your and Sharon's families. I only have one child and I have trouble imagining what it would be like with 3 or 4. I really admire you as moms - you've raised a great group of kids. Sounds like life is going awesome for you. I remember you were struggling with the blues a couple months ago. Good for you, Kathi! Happy Thankgiving :-)


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