Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun With Aunt Sharon and the Cousins

Finally I get to post about our fun visit with my sister Sharon, which took place the last days of August. So if you are freezing cold and want to feel warmer, I hope this post helps you to do so. Come along with me to a trip to my sister Sharon's house on a very hot day.
We were ready for some swimming and fun with Aunt Sharon and the cousins. We could hardly wait. Everyone was excited.
Going to my sister Sharon's house is always one of the highlights of our summer. We have always tried to get together for a couple of nights and days ever since the kids were babies.
When we got there we went right up to see Sharon's beautiful guest bedroom. This is where the girls and I got to sleep. It was so comfortable and lovely. We enjoyed it very much.
Sharon just got home and was dressed up in her work clothes. Isn't she pretty?
My four children were swimming together while they waited for their cousins Grayson and Hayden to finish football practice. I love it when my kids play together happily. I thought it was so kind of Eric to cool off Baily their dog. She was very hot too. I caught Sharon capturing the moment with her camera too. We both sat out on the platform and watched the kids swim for awhile.
We went inside so Sharon could prepare chicken dinner. I love these times when we can be together and visit while dinner is cooking and our kids are playing.
Ingredients for the Russian chicken. It's funny she calls it Russian Chicken because you are supposed to use Russian salad dressing, but she can never find it, so she buys Catalina instead.
I snapped this picture of my kids on the deck while I was inside watching Sharon make dinner.
This turned out to be so yummy. Sharon is a great cook. She's always trying new things, but sticks to the tried and true also. Soon Grayson and Hayden came home.
Harrison and Hayden went back out in the dark to swim again.
Sharon's house is so pretty and cozy. I have always loved this wreath she made. She bought pretty teacups and saucers at thrift shops and hot glued them to this wreath. The original part of the wreath was just a frame-work and she added tons of silk flower blooms, also purchased at thrift shops. She added a silver spoon at the lower left. I've always admired her wreath.

These are photos of Sharon's down stairs bathroom. I just love the way she decorates. All of her little touches are so special. I'm kicking myself for not showing the details on her shelf and the cute chest on the opposite wall. Her bathroom always smells good with pretty scents and candles. She did the counter top tile all herself and around the tub. Maybe we could persuade her to show this bathroom in detail (hint hint).
On one of my visits a while back this was sitting on the kitchen counter. Everyone in the whole family was sad because Grayson's turtle was sick. He had kept him in a very nice roomy glass terrarium in his room with water and food, and let him go outside quite a bit. He even got lots a few times under the deck. It was finally his last days though, and everyone who came in the door after school asked how the turtle was.
Several years ago Grayson's sweet turtle was not feeling too well. It stopped eating. They brought him down stairs and watched over him. Everyone who came home asked how the turtle was doing. I just thought it was cute that Sharon always lets her boys have various pets from gerbils to lizards. They take good care of them and provide special aquariums and homes for them.
Sharon made sandwiches for all of us. She is quick and orderly and does things assembly line style. The cousins excited to be together and going to the creeks and swimming holes. The first place she took us was called "Tarzan's Hole." Grayson scared all of us by climbing up really high and replacing a rope. Most of the kids jumped and all had fun. Grayson and Rachell look so cute together.
Here is Harrison getting ready to jump.
This next place is called "The Pipes." Here is Hayden getting ready to jump. These swimming holes are awesome places. They are deep and clean. Nice people usually come here with their families.
Hayden's splash. Everyone having a lunch break together.
It's hard to see me in this photo, but I'm standing up there ready to jump about 12 feet. I made the jump and it was a blast.
Another place was the thrill for most teens. This place is called "The Drop." It is a 55 ft. drop into the reservoir. I got nervous looking down. Grayson getting ready for the jump. Grayson after he jumped. He looks so small down there. It was a thrill to watch him jump. Grayson waited down there for Harrison to jump, and encouraged him. It was hard for me as a mother to watch, but I was very proud of him. He was so brave.
Harrison and Grayson after they both jumped. Grayson has jump it many times. Lots of guys take several years to sum up the courage to jump. Harrison amazed us all. He looked at it, watched his cousin jump, waited and thought about it, and then with Grayson's gentle coaching, he jumped. It was so cool to watch. We all screamed and so did he all the way down. Then we all cheered for him. I love this picture because they are both laughing so hard.
This is one of the places Sharon took us where some of the kids jumped off the falls. This one was about a 12 foot drop. Harrison jumping from the falls. These swimming holes are so gorgeous. They are only a couple hours away from home and are all within minutes of each other. We are so thankful Sharon drove us to so many of them. The cousins loved being together and trying these fun jumps.
This one was about 18 feet high. The kids sure had fun.
These swimming holes are gorgeous. It's like being in Hawaii or a foreign country. Thank you for coming along with me. We have many great memories. I'm so very thankful for my sister. I love both of them. My sister Kelli and I try to get together each summer also. Kelli does not have a blog, but Sharon does. She is Rose of Sharon May, please visit her if you are able. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. There are so many things I'm thankful for. "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever." Psalm 107:1


Jan Parrish said...

That looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to do that!

Why doesn't Kelli have a blog? LOL. Tell Kelli we want to meet her.

luvmy4sons said...

You and Sharon always post such lovely moments...your houses are gorgeous, your families lovely...your lives are greatly blessed! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Heather said...

wow, what awesome pictures and a great time! i could have NEVER jumped like they did, LOL.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Elena said...

Thanks for sharing you fun visit with your sister Sharon. I hope you have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Sharon said...

What a fun time we had! Thank you for all your sweet compliements Kathi! I am so glad that we started our tradition of staying at each other's homes! We have always had such great times and wonderful, wonderful memories! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving today! Tell the family hello and that I love them!

Hugs, Sharon

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Those spots are great, I know we have some similar near home but never have gone. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Judy said...

What a fun time. Your photos make me wish that summer was back again. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

onlymehere said...

Oh my gosh, what a blessing to have such wonderful and unique places to go near you!! Totally love it and it looks like so much fun for everyone! Such brave kids to make those jumps! Hope you had a great holiday, and now I'm ready for summer again!! LOL! I'll put Sharon on my list to visit later, and yes I do love that bathroom too!

onlymehere said...

Oh my gosh, what a blessing to have such wonderful and unique places to go near you!! Totally love it and it looks like so much fun for everyone! Such brave kids to make those jumps! Hope you had a great holiday, and now I'm ready for summer again!! LOL! I'll put Sharon on my list to visit later, and yes I do love that bathroom too!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thank You for the thoughtful words:)))

Deb said...

Hi Kathi, this was so much fun! Did you make the jump? I would have I love to swim and cut up! DEb

jennifer said...

LOVE this! Sharon's guest bedroom is gorgeous. I love the way she uses red in her home.

And the swimming and the JUMPING! It is so HIGH!

Great post!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Sharon's home is lovely. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. I'm afraid I'm not a great swimmer so I would definitely pass on those jumps and dives. :)



Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Kathi!

YOur trip to your sisters last summer looks like it was a blast to say the least! From the darling guest room, cooking, swimming in the pool to all the water holes, oh and not to mention the BEAUTIFUL children you and your sister have!!! Great pictures!

Hope the turtle is okay!



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