Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Happenings

First in my news, sadly, I got a ticket today!!! I'm not used to driving in the big city and the sign was very confusing. I went straight when I was supposed to turn. I'm sooooooo baaaaaaaad. I feel terrible. Can anyone relate?
I had to rush this casserole along because our neighbors wanted us to stop in and see their new tile work in the bathroom.
It was a typical ground beef casserole, potatoes and cream of mushroom sauce; easy easy. Anyway I wanted to get over there to their home and see the new hearth and wood stove in their kitchen too.
Here is Nichole's handy work. She cut and placed all these bricks herself. I love her cute stove.
This is her bathroom ceiling. Cool!
She found these rocks while working in the woods. She works with loggers in the woods. Her shower is gorgeous.
Next we had a visit from our Mennonite neighbors on their horses.
They have pretty horses and we enjoy having them ride over once in awhile.
Last Friday night we went to my nephew Grayson's football game.
My sister and Grayson's girl friend Rachell were trying to stay dry. Hayden and his friends were the ball boys. Hayden is on the left.
We had a good time. Sadly though, they lost. They tried so hard though and we are proud of them.
Our daughter Jessica, their cousin Grayson, and our daughter, Victoria after the game.
I failed to get a photo of Harrison and his cousins after the game, but we went out for a bite after the game so I snapped a shot of him. In other news, we got rain this week, so Garrett got to wear his new rain coat, (thank you Janet, for the hand me down).
My husband Stacey, our son Garrett, and friend Dave all paint the family room with primer.

In other news, this powder blue tub and toilet are no longer members of this family. We have antique (looking) white porcelain facilities on the way, to replace the 1960's powder blue. Please don't say, "Oh, but they are vintage!" Believe me, they have the stains and rust to prove they are vintage!!! This is all the news for now. Hugs, and sorries to those I have not visited lately.


luvmy4sons said...

Sorry about the ticket. I hate it when you get a ticket and you were not purposely doing something wrong! I have on more than one occasion tried to stay dry at a footbal game! Beautiful tile!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kathi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so new at this stuff, that it makes my day just to have someone leave a comment!

My mom has one of those powder blue toilets too, its on its way out as well. My father in law got rid of one a few weeks ago. He put it out on the curb. The neighbor told him that she saw a group of teenagers take it. She joked that it will probably be in some unlucky teachers lawn this halloween!

Have a good weekend! I enjoy your blog! Jennifer

Sharon said...

Wow! Lots happening at your nest! I can't wait to see your new family room and powder room! How very exciting. It's too bad about the ticke though Kathi. I got a speeding ticket last fall and I had to pay over $100.00, it stinks! I'm glad you didn't have an accident though. You have a blessed life. Thank you for coming to Grayson's game, we had so much fun with you! They lost again tonight, such a bummer. Hayden was excited because he got to get in for three plays in the varsity game.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Love Sharon

Jan Parrish said...

Wow. Lot's of news to comment on.

Love the ceiling tile at your neighbors. I'd like to do a that in my kitchen.

I am not a football fan for that very reason. They play in the rain or snow. In baseball they have rain delays.

You have such interesting neighbors!

Sondra said...

At first I thought the stone tile was her ceiling. I was going to ask how in the world she grouted a ceiling! LOL! OK I am a little slow this morning. Love your toilet paper post. We go thru massive amounts of tp here too. I have no idea how either.

jennifer said...

I could NEVER think that YOU were white trash... and believe me, I have seen enough of it and I would know. HAH!

I haven't been visiting much either here lately. My computer is still sick even AFTER getting it back from the Geek Squad. But God has really been revealing Himself to me through my computerless-ness. He is always so good Kathi! He always want to guide me to better and better things!

And I would have called your powder blue potty vintage until you said rust stains. I can relate and YEA! for new white appliances.

You and yours be blessed!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Sorry about the ticket! Love all the pictures:)

Elena said...

Sounds like you have been very busy! That is cool you have Mennonite neighbors. I have relatives that are Mennonite and some are Amish as my dad was raised Amish. He left the church at 17 and dedicated his life to the Lord after that. Have a great day! Elena

Brenda said...

The casserole looks yummy. Your friend does some great work. Would love to cook a pot of beans on that heater hehe.

SweetAnnee said...

omg ..yep girl..white trash..teehee
I saw you gals on Sharon's blog too

smiling pretty and happy..
love to you.

53 ..wrinkles!!

Brenna said...

Hey, I like the light blue!

To answer your questions re: my post, her name is Sandy. She was a dear and treasured friend. She died on January 22nd after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 38. I loved her so.

I write about her when I'm missing her, which is a lot lately.

Kelli said...

Aww...sorry to hear about your ticket, Kathi! It looks like you are keeping busy and having lots of fun with your family!

char72 said...

Lovely pictures all. I'm with you - vintage is good but not always the best. I can relate to the ticket. I got caught by the photo radar one day cruising along on a wide almost deserted beautiful drive overlooking Phoenix. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the flash. I drive through that area very s-l-o-w-l-y now. That was the first and only ticket I have ever gotten. I don't want any more.
Have a great Sunday!

Judy said...

Oh no, I know how your feeling. I got a ticket once on my way to work. It made for a sad day.
Even with the rain it looked like it was fun at the football game. Garrett looks so cute in his new rain coat.


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