Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Thankful For My Teen-age Son

Don't touch that dial!! I am purposely playing a song that my son played for me while we drove in the truck. By the time you read this the song will have changed. This post originally had the song "Psycho," which you may change right now on my player if you'd like. I want YOU to feel and sense the whole feeling in this blog. Come along with me as my 16 year old son, Harrison and I go on a "MOM DATE."
I know I know, you are saying, "But, I can't stand this kind of music." Well, just hang in there and pretend you are in the truck with us and can't change it. Soon, you might even like it. Somehow I have grown to like it. I think, because it reminds me of being with my boy.
The next thing on your mind is, "Why is he not driving?" Oh, he has his license. I am driving because we are doing lots of city driving, in the truck, which he is not used to, and it is raining. We have to make lots of stops. He does fine in the car, with city driving. He needs lots of practice in this big truck first.
We made one stop at Bi-Mart, and got hungry. Harrison wanted to go to A&W. He loves their root beer.
I'm not shy when it comes to a good hamburger. YUM YUM. I agree the root beer is the best.
Harrison, who is growing, was still hungry and ate part of mine. We had fun together talking and just being together.
He wanted to go to Goodwill, and look for treasures. He loves comic books and found some cool ones.
I found an excellent cookbook called The Kitchen Garden Cookbook by Sylvia Thompson, a John Grisham video, and a Victoria Secret Cami for $4 bucks. I'm very pleased.
Harrison needed some school clothes. One of his favorite stores is Ross Dress For Less. He got some cool T-shirts, sweat shirts and another hat. He thanked me a lot and wanted to pay half, from his earnings this summer.
He loves his new clothes. Now it is raining quite a bit.
Next, Harrison helped me grocery shop. I love it when he pushes the heavy cart. I used to do that with a full cart, plus two kids inside, and pregnant, going up hill. What an amazing difference this is. God has blessed me with my wonderful son, well, with each one of my children. I'm very blessed.
Now, that we were heading home, I wanted him to practice on the back roads, in the truck, while it was raining.
Do I look confident? I'm trying to be silent. Wait a minute....we are supposed to be going home. What's this?
How did we end up at Game Crazy? Now my son is looking at video games.
Finally we are home and he and his sister, Victoria are helping to bring in all those groceries. We had a really fun time together. I'm so thankful for each one of my children. I am so thankful that my sister Sharon, told me about "Mom Dates." I stay closer to my kids when we have this one-on-one time. I praise God for His answers to my prayer to remain close to my children. I do feel close to each one. My next "MOM DATE," will be with Garrett. Have a lovely day with your children today, Kathi
Mom, Psalm 139 says, "You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb, I praise Thee because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."


Jan Parrish said...

Love this post. How wonderful to spend time with your son.

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I really enjoy getting to see the relationships with your kids. What an incredible heritage you and your husband have established.

I think I have said this before - you inspire me!

luvmy4sons said...

What a fun post. I didn't HATE the song! I have tried hard to listen and talk about and be a part of their "music". I often liek a lot of it. Oh...you are making me miss my eldest real bad!

Judy said...

This is a fun post. I wish I had thought of Mom Dates with my children. Thanks for sharing yours.

A Romantic Porch said...

What a fun Mom Date! And happy birthday to your mom! She's quite a cute little "chickie" in that photo. Isn't she?

Strawberry Blonde said...

How fun is this song?? It reminds me of when I was in school with the music up loud and the windows down low. Ahhh, those were the times.

Sounds like you had an awesome "date" with your son. We try to do this too, but not near as often as we should. My son is only four and I get teary when I think of him as teen. Time is flying by and I'm doing my best to hang on.

-- Brandi

Sharon said...

What a great post Kathi! Your day with Harrison looks like so much fun! I love a lot of the rock/new music because it reminds me of my kids too! You guys did some fun things and went to cool places. I'm glad that he is getting more driving experience. It's hard when they start driving, but we know they are in God's hands. You are a good mother Kathi!

Yes....happy birthday to Mom! We are blessed with our good mother!

Hugs, Sharon

onlymehere said...

I do this with each of my children separately too. We call it "a bonding moment." I don't know where that phrase ever came from but we laugh when we say it bz it is corny. I really think these one-on-one times keep us close. It's a time too when they'll tell me things or talk about things that they wouldn't otherwise with other distractions. I'm glad to see that you do and love it too! Oh, I also have grown to love some of my kids music too, probably for the same reason as you!

Elena said...

I am looking forward to having great conversations with my daughter, Mary. She is almost 2 and is quite a little talker! No long sentences yet, but I know it will be coming. You are blessed with great kids. Such a cute picture of your mom. You look a lot like her! God bless you!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kathi! How wonderful that you spent the day with your Son!! I can't get either of my kids to go to GW with me...they say i take too long...LOL.

MY DD listens to some pretty crazy music too...LOL.

Rue said...

Hi Kathi :)

Happy Birthday Kathi's mom!!

I love this idea of a mom date. The music sounds like my son's music taste. This sounds better though LOL Glad you had a great time :)


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi fellow Oregonian! found you from the bloggers around the world party. Love the pic of your Mom...and you and your son remind me of me and mine. Mine will be headed to 5th grade in a few weeks. Looks like you have a lot of fun together. come visit sometime, cherry

Brenda said...

I always loved my days with my boys. A much different time than with April.Chancey was my music guy. We would fight over the knob hehe. I would tell him we he bought a car he could control it.lol Now married with a son and his first new car I would love to have a day back with him!
Hats off to a great mom you are!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few months,your love for the Lord and your family is so inspiring,I am glad that you had a wonderful date with your son,Garrett you are making an investment that will bring many great returns. Please wish your mother a very happy birthday.Blessings to you and your family!


Rosemary said...

haha, i LOVE this song :) Its one of my favorites. I listen to most everything my 17yo listens too. Not my hubby though, hes listening to classic rock :) Sounds like you had fun with your son. I spend lots of time with my dd. Shes going to be a sr this year, then off to college next year, so i spend as much mom time with her as possible.

Pearl said...

Hello my Sweet Friend... I am so happy to be back, and to find that you have returned as well ~hug~ First, I just love the photo of you in your new Blog Header... you're such a beautiful woman, Kathi, inside and out! It was so fun to go along with you and your son on your "Mom Date"! My youngest son loves to go to the Thrift Shops, too! Aren't those one-on-one times simply precious? I have been able to do that with my boys over the years, too... and I have such dear memories of those times! I hope that your Summer has been blessed so far... hard to believe that it is almost over. Please take special care... I'm off to read more and then catch up with some other friends, too. God bless...


P.S. Please extend my wishes for a belated Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom! The Bible passage you selected for her was awesome!

Joyfull said...

Thanks for sharing such a fun day with your son. He sounds like a great teenager!

Gina said...

Looks like fun.
When I go grocery shopping, I pull the cart up to the conveyor belt and with my 5 kids my items magically jump out of my cart while I read a magazine. Whne I get home I carry in one bag and the rest magically appear while I am putting that one away.
I don't appreciate this, until I have to go alone!

Gina said...

Looks like fun.
When I go grocery shopping, I pull the cart up to the conveyor belt and with my 5 kids my items magically jump out of my cart while I read a magazine. Whne I get home I carry in one bag and the rest magically appear while I am putting that one away.
I don't appreciate this, until I have to go alone!

Deb said...

Hi Kathi, Loved the outing and the song. Pretty nice music for driving. I think Sharon had a great idea for Mom Dates, I must have one with my daughter. *When she has time* LOL! I will be posting tomorrow something fun I think, stop by. Deb

Linda said...

Hi Kathi, what a great day you and Harrison had. These are some of the best times and wonderful memories to hold in your hearts.
Happy Birthday to your sweet mom...she is a very special lady.
Oh, one last thing, love your new header. That is the cutest picture, you are just so pretty. A happy day to all...hugs, Linda

CIELO said...

Oh Kathi, I enjoyed seeing all those pics of you and your son havinh a great time together.... such fun! Your new blog banner is very pretty..... please give your mom a hug from me, and a Happy Birthday wishes....


Kelly said...

Ok here is the deal......you and Sharon and your Mom need to have a thingy....you know like a conference....or maybe an e-book....or maybe ebook on cd or something, on how to be a Godly Mom and be cool!!!! I am serious, I will be the first to sign up!!!! Because if I learn this much from just reading your blogs, I think I would benefit so much from a learning tool!!! You direct me to scripture.....you give me life lessons in a biblical sense, you teach me to be thrifty.....need I go on!!!! Ok you need to really think about that, cause I think it would be awesome!
let me know where to sign up!!!

Love ya tons!!

jennifer said...

Loved the confident (?) pic of you. I can see why you are so proud of your teenage son.

I like your new header pic too!


cherished*vintage said...

One on one time with mom is so special! Thanks for sharing your special day with Harrison. I already notice how much our girls love it when my hubby and I take each one for a one on one. You're a great mom, full of inspiration. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I recently decided to do mom dates with my kids too. I just took 6 yr. Carter swimming recently and then we stopped for treats afterward. :)
~Tera Knox


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