Friday, August 22, 2008

Godly Mentors For My Girls

God is faithful. He hears the cry of a mother's heart. He answers so perfectly.
I have been praying for godly mentors for my teens. We are heading into high school. This can be a rocky time for parents as well as kids.
There are so many emotions and doubts in a young person's life. I want to do all I can to be there for my children, to guide and listen to them.
I also know that teens, especially tend to look up to certain people and may follow that particular person's way of life.
I thank God for "Barlow Girl," a singing group my daughter loves. They are modest, talented, god fearing, and cool young women. They are great role models for teen girls. God has answered my prayer for a godly mentor in Victoria's life. This is Victoria and her friend Abby with one of the Barlow Girls (on the right).
Dee is a beautiful Christian woman, about my age, who has taken Victoria under her wing. She has invited her to a slumber party at her home, and taken her out to lunch and shopping in her

cool car. She is everything I prayed for in a mentor. She loves the Lord and cares about Victoria. Dee prays for my daughter and emails her. I'm so thankful for Dee.
God has also brought other role models into our girl's lives. Brittany is my soon to be niece-in-law. She is going to marry Mackenzie, Sharon's son in the fall. Brittany is a beautiful, example for Victoria to follow. She is sweet, cool, and very wise. She has a good head on her shoulders and she loves Jesus. She treats her new family with such kindness and respect. I'm so thankful for Brittany.

Miss Kelly is another wonderful godly role model God has brought into our lives. She taught our girls during our last year of homeschooling. She is a newlywed, who loves her husband, works hard enthusiastically, and is a great example to my girls. I'm so thankful for her. The girls often quote her and appreciate how Miss Kelly took an interest in their lives.
Larissa works with our youth group. She is a lovely young woman who shines for Jesus. She spends time with our girls.
She is interested in them and talks and laughs with them. I'm so thankful for Larissa. I am not setting my hopes on these mentors, but rather thanking God, who sent them. My trust is in the Lord, not the role models. Even though God is faithful, I do think it is important to ask for specific things. I am learning to do this. I've seen my sister Sharon do this with even the tiniest detail, and have watched in awe at the answers to prayer.

Life is spinning very fast for us now and we must hold onto the Solid Rock of Christ, but also praise Him for using influential godly people in answer of a prayer. "Since You are my Rock and my Fortress, O Lord, for the sake of Your name, lead and guide me." Psalm 31:3 Have a blessed day, Kathi


Sharon said...

What a sweet post Kathi. Hearing that music and seeing the pictures twirling in that dress bring tears to my eyes. Isn't God amazing and wonderful the way he brings mentors into our kids lives. There is a scripture I read and cling to regarding that:

"I will give you leaders (pastors/shepherds) according to My heart who will feed you with knowledge and understnading." Jeremiah 3:15

I prayed this scripture over my kids for years and said:

I pray Lord that You will provide Godly leaders/shepherds to my sons, according to Your heart, who will feed them with Your knowledge and understanding.

God was faithful and brought all of them Godly leaders, shepherds and role models. Praise the Lord!Praise the Lord for He is good and He is faithful!

Love, Sharon

Charlotte said...

What lovely girls. It must awfully hard to be a teenager in today's world. They certainly need all the prayers and mentoring they can get. Sounds like yours are certainly on the right track.

onlymehere said...

I too believe that we need to pray for specific things that we are in need of. I'm glad that these wonderful women came into your girls' lives. My oldest daughter had some wonderful women who befriended her and helped her through the hard road of adolescence. In fact, two of them gave her her baby shower and another one gave her her wedding shower. Right now my youngest daughter is doing fine but I still pray for someone or something to help her along the path when I can't be there for her. It will happen, I know it will. Cindy

Deb said...

Hi Kathi, you are so right that God is faithful but, he gave us our children for a reason and it's up to us to surround them with all the godly people that we can. Because is we don't I tell you the wrong crowd can end in disater. Stop by and join in my Fashion Show.

Elena said...

Another great post! My folks raised all of 4 kids in the light and love of the Lord and we are all serving the Lord! My mom was a wonderful inspiration to me along with some wonderful youth pastors that we had growing up. Also the stories of my mom's mom, who died long before I was born but my mom always told about her mothers wonderful walk of faith and I wanted to be like her:) You and your husband are doing a great job. Like my mom said that you won't be able to save them from all the heart ache in the world but you will lead them to the Lord, who can help them through all their difficulties.
Have a great day!

luvmy4sons said...

Lovely girls. Lovely are a great mom. We do what we can as parents, don't we? I am glad I can trust in the Lrod to finish the good work He has begun in my boys. Glad you have some help with mentoring!

Jan Parrish said...

I love your willingness to share your girls with others. I know that the girls are getting something out of this but so are those who pour themselves into them. I pray that they will all be blessed.

Such an encouraging post. I see the wonderful Godly heritage you are building for them and am hopeful for the next generation.

Kelly said...

You know I never really thought I should ask for specific things, but I have learned so much from you and Sharon....such as praying for godly mentors, praying for who they will marry....etc.......and now I have learned more that it is ok to ask for specifics, to voice it, to hear yourself say it, to verbally ask God and be thankful.

thanks ....YOU are a great mentor!!!!!


Charlotte said...

Stop by my blog to see the award I just gave you.

Rue said...

Good morning Kathi :)

How wonderful that these ladies are mentors for your girls. It's hard being a teen, but when you have someone on your side, it makes life much easier :)


Thru Pink Curtains said...

thank you for your encouraging post. Teens sure do need a mentor these days. It is so important that they can relate to someone out of the home who has christian values. Praise the Lord for your find.....

Pearl said...

Hi Kathi... I was so touched to learn of the many mentors in your girls' lives... God has certainly heard your prayers and blessed you and your sweet family in so many ways! You're such an awesome Mom, Kathi and a good friend, too! The Lord has a truly beautiful daughter in you! I will be praying for your children and all others as the new school year begins... both of my son's begin College tomorrow... God bless...



jennifer said...

What young and beautiful faces! Oh Kathi, I understand. This was such a wonderful post!!! I pray our daughters to be women of God, full of His grace!!

Be blessed


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Great post! Your daughters are beautiful ....and I have these same prayers and understand your concerns! I am so glad we have someone to watch over them when we can't, and guide them...God! :)

Hugs, Rhonda

Joyfulsister said...

HI Kathi,
This is truly the desire of my heart as well for my girls. What a blessing to have all these mentors in their lives. I look back and think of all the women that mentored me as a young child all the way till now and I am so blessed because they really have prayed me through and have been there for me even when my mom could not..

Hugz Lorie

Brenda said...

Kathi I really know what you mean. I wasn't as lucky as you seem to be.Chancey was a follower and it seemed to fit on the football team he did what they did. Thank God it wasn't bad,but yes our teens need our prayers.

Rhondi said...

Hi Kathi
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your girls are beautiful. You are so right about our teens needing a Godly mentor. I am so glad the Lord provided ones for you. I wish my children could have had Godly mentors in that time of their lives. Nice to meet you and I hope you'll come back again.
Hugs, Rhondi


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