Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Movies That are Hard to Find

Why is it that movies that I love are so hard to find?
The Major and the Minor is one of my favorite movies. Ginger Rogers stars as an 18 year old posing as a 12 year old, so that she can ride the train half fare.
She falls in love with a service man who has a jealous, mean spirited and selfish girl friend. Little "Sue Sue," as they call her, does the right thing, by being honest and selfless, and ends up with her dream guy. It is fun and uplifting movie.
This movie with Donald O'Conner and Jimmy Durante is adorable. The fun and entertainment never ends.
Durante has an automatic truck that comes when he whistles. O'Conner is a young man out of a job, as a milkman for his own father. He goes to work for the competition and ends up friends with Durante'. Though they blunder all through the movie with hilarious stunts, they end up solving criminal case. Very cute.

I loved this movie. I recorded it off the TV years ago, but I don't have it anymore and can't find it. Lorette Young plays a widow who goes back to college at the same time her daughter is attending. She dresses young and looks so beautiful that many guys beginning asking her out, much to her daughter's disgust. Loretta finally meets her dream man, a professor, but the problem lies with her daughter, who also has a crush on this same professor.
This one is called "Mother Is A Freshman," and also stars Van Johnson. The daughter is played by "Thelma Lou," of Andy Griffith.
This next movie really scared me when I was younger. It stars Doris Day and is called "Midnight Lace." Doris is married and must stay home alone evenings while her husband is at work. She begins getting prank phone calls. The voice is high pitched and says, "Good evening Mrs. Preston."
This terrifies poor Doris. This continues happening until the police begin figuring out just who this creepy guy is. Doris is gorgeous in her stunning black lace dress. As far as I know these movies are not available for purchase. I hope they will be soon. Have a pleasant day, Kathi
Here is a movie you can find! It is called "Dan in Real Life." It's so cute. I love it.


Jan Parrish said...

Dan In Real Life is a great movie. Get Smart is also really good.

jennifer said...

I can't say that I have seen many of those but I LOVE Doris Day and I loved Dan in Real Life too! Nothing like a good love story.

I linked to you today introducing you as a Dust Bunny Enabler.

Be blessed.


Feathering My Nest said...

Jennifer, Thank you so much for the kind things you said about my blog. You rock girl!! Kathi

luvmy4sons said...

I love old movies too. I have had a hard time finding some too, but have been able to show my kids ones like Raising up Baby with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn and North by Northwest...and Singing in the Rain. I was so surprised that the LOVED Singing in the Rain.

Debbie said...

I love old movies but so rarely sit down long enough to watch any movie! However, since "Dan in Real Life" comes with your approval, as we are on the same page about everything, I just might have to put in on our Netflix queue. By the way, I am doing 50 state challenge and need someone to represent Oregon. Can you pop over and put in your name??? Pretty please!!!

Debbie said...

We are so proud to have crowned you Ms. Oregon! I,too, am 5'2" but I'm not 112 pounds ;) And your comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I will make sure to have a very chilled Simi Chardonnay ready for your arrival....;)

Sharon said...

I love the old movies! My collection is way too big, but I still want more! They make me feel so good. I am currently watching By the Light of the Silvery Moon with Dorris Day, it is soooo cute, I think it is one of my all time favorites. I watch/listen to them while I am getting ready in the morning, so they are only on for about 10 to 15 minutes and it takes a week or more to watch them, but I love doing that.

Have a great day!

Hugs, Shar

onlymehere said...

Have you tried I found "The Major and the Minor" and "Midnight Lace" there on DVD. I love amazon. Search inside their movies and it's amazing what you can find. Also if you spend $25.00 you can get free shipping so I always wait to order until I have that amount worth. I do alot of Christmas shopping there! It even will send you to independent sellers which amazon guarantees if they don't have it or you want it used. Good luck!

nannykim said...

Wow--I wish I could watch those old ones. I thought I had seen all of the old Doris Day and Ginger Roger ones but those I have not Seen!!!


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