Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Mom Date With Jessica

Years ago my sister Sharon told me to take the kids for one-on-one outings. She called them "Mom Dates." I remember the first one was with my daughter Victoria. She had stars in her eyes. She couldn't believe that we could go to all her favorite stores and eat out. She got special prizes like a Beanie Baby and package of bubble gum.

Here I am ten years later on a "Mom Date" with Jessica. We went to Dairy Queen first and got some great junk food.
I told Jessica to choose anything at all from the menu.
Next of course we went shopping. She needed a few things.
First on her list was a plain white T-shirt. She said she felt more comfortable wearing these smock tops with straps with a shirt underneath.
We had a fun time together. She got some cute clothes and some make-up. I'm so thankful for my children and the fun times we have together. Thanks Sharon for the idea of alone time with each child. This keeps us close.
"Fear not, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10
Dear friends, many times I have been discouraged for the many mistakes I have made in my parenting. I have taken those mistakes, while crying, and laid them at the feet of Jesus. He can repair damage, restore relationships and build harmony in our families. I love that verse because the Lord promises to help me. He promises He will never leave me.
Have a blessed Friday, Kathi


Lori... said...

We have "mommy, daughter dates" too! The girls get so wide-eyed when we do this! It shows them we love them so much, just by spending one-on-one time with them. They also have dates with daddy. He makes sure to open doors for them and all the gentlemanly things - they love holding on to his arm, 'practicing' for the day they walk down the aisle! What sweet memories!

Thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

When our children were REALLY tiny, my husband and I had a deal. If one of us left the house for anything other than business, we got to choose which child we would take with us. That way they each got a little one on one time. Now that they are a little bigger, and we are our own bosses, we will often take one with us for non essential business stuff too.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kathi! How sweet your DD's nice that she's so modest!! I have something for you over at my place...have a great weekend!

CIELO said...

"Mom Dates" are so special! And it looks that you and Victoria had a great time.... kudos to your sister for such magnificent idea!

pd: pd: The House in the Roses is having a garden party and would love to see you participate... come see!

Hugs, and a blessed weekend to you


linda said...

Kathi, I love this verse's such a comfort, and a relief to know that we have our Father that loves us and holds us up in His hands. I truly don't know how people make it in this world without that's what keeps me going each day!

My daughter is 19 and I love our "mom dates" that we STILL have...and yes, ours too always involves some kind of food!

I LOVE that your daughter wanted the white tee to go under the other cute shirts (I do the same thing). Not many girls are modestly dressed these days so her style is appreciated.

I'm glad your summer has started and I hope it holds many fun-filled days for your family...enjoy!

Thank you so much for the blog first! I'm going to display it proudly, thanks again kathi!

Cottage Contessa said...

I love the way you and Sharon do this with your children sweetie. ou are creating memories they will never forget, and building an awesome bond. Beautiful! Thank you too Kathi for sharing your blogging buddy award with me, I feel honoured! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

christa jean said...

Thanks for the reminder! I have done this a few times, but not as much as I want to. How often did you implement the "Mom Dates"?

I love it when my husband does this with my girls too, that daddy-daughter relationship is so important.

And bless you for the encouragement... I have felt crippled by my failures as a mom at times, unable to move forward. You are right, there is no relationship beyond repair for our loving Saviour.

Sharon said...

Hi Kathi! I'm so glad that you do your "Mom Dates"! It is such a special time to spend with your kids! I am sure I am not the originator of the idea though, I probably heard it from someone else! :0) is a good thing!

You guys look like your having lots of fun! It's neat that Jessica is so modest. What a pretty young lady she is. You look really pretty too!

Did you hear the great news about Deena???? She is 99% cancer free!!! Praise the Lord! I am all teary eyed right now! God answers prayer!

I love you!

Charlotte said...

This is so great. I wish I had read this blog 40 years ago. I look back and think of so many things I should have done differently. You are so right about laying the mistakes at the feet of Jesus. Thank you for sharing.

luvmy4sons said...

What precious heart your have! I love how children just love us so much...and I love how we are promised that love covers over a multitude of sins. Thanks for sharing your "date with mom" with us.

nannykim said...

oooooh ,oooooh that first picture of the icecream cone and the onion rings brought back some really great and funny memories. My family used to go on weekends to this icecream place in Vermont. They would always!!and I mean alwasy get onion rings and icecream---what a strange combo!!!I just had to laugh when I saw that picture. Wait till your kids get older---it gets soooooooooo much better and more precious. I love being with my kids even more now that they are adults who love the Lord.

Deb said...

I think that's a lovely idea Kathi. Deb

It's All Good! said...

Hello Kathi,
First of all thank you for the birthday wishes. That was thoughtful even tho' we don't really know each other yet! I do look forward to taking a more leisurely stroll thru your blog.
As for your topic today...I have 2 daughters spread 13 years apart. My first is 20, we had a lot of wonderful girl dates and it shows now too. We are very close. My 7 year old is enjoying mommy dates as well. I know of several moms who have more kiddos such as yourself yet take the time to do one-on-one with their kids and it shows. The proof is in the pudding! Great job! God bless.

Jan Parrish said...

Sounds like so much fun! And that icecream looks mighty yummy!

Debbie said...

I love it and really need to do this even though I only have two kids. They go with me everywhere, but it is usually to the places that I need to go. I think I am going to do this this summer...we can make it night where I take one child and my husband takes the other. I am really trying to find things to do with them and be more intentional this summer. This is a great place to start. And thanks again for such uplifting posts. I posted yesterday about somebody asking me if I wanted Botox. Funny yes, uplifting? Not so much. Oh yeah, good times here on the East Coast! Enjoy your weekend!

Joy said...

You are creating great memories with your kids. Mine are so busy with their friends now at 17 and 19
I feel left out sometimes. This is a great idea.

Sondra said...

What a special day it must have been for the two of you. Austin and I had one on one time today too. I really love that she wants to be modest in her dress. That is hard to do with the way the styles are now. What a wonderful girl you have! Kathi- we have all made parenting mistakes. I know I have made many, but I can only go forward now.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Kathi! I love these one on one times with my kids!

Thank you so much for the Blogging Buddies Award! You are so sweet and I am so glad to call you a friend...and blogging buddy! :) It always brightens my day when I visit here!

Have a great weekend! Hugs, Rhonda

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Hey Beautiful! My hubby and I were just talking about doing dates with the kids. I can see it benefiting each of us.... tying those heart strings and at the same time teaching them that we value their relationship. Show them what a relationship should be like. (I don't know that I had that example)

Thanks for your comment on my blog... "do hard things" is totally a mantra I'm taking on, but can't claim it as my own - came from Tiff at I think someone said it to her or maybe it was in a book she read. I'll be praying you get some interest in your school, sounds like a great thing. I'll mention it to the handful of people I know in that area and maybe help get the word out. Have you tried touching base with Administration at the schools in town (Principle, etc)... they might know of someone who could really use the school?? Just an idea?

I'm so glad we are coming to know each other, even if its just virtual... I treasure your insights, wisdom, experiences, transparency, inspirations, reflections, humor... you are a wonderful and blessed woman. Thank you for sharing you!

Connie said...

What a wonderful day spent with your lovely daughter. Those times are so precious. As a mother of 5 kids, I too,know the value of one on one time. It's tough to spread ourselves thin but nobody ever said parenting was easy, huh?


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