Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dimes In The Phone Booth

When I was about this age (I'm on the far left), my dad left a huge impression on me. All of us kids were with dad at the market. He wanted to check with mom on some things she might need. He called from the phone booth. Back then you only needed a dime to make a call.
Dad took a little longer than usual to make his call. When he came back to the car, he explained to us kids that when he put his dime into the slot, every dime in the phone came pouring out. All eight eyes stared brightly at Dad in wonderment. "Wow, Dad hit the jackpot!" All of us were thinking, "Does he get to keep all those dimes?" Secretly we hoped he could; that's a lot of candy for a kid, and we're here at the store; how convenient! He soberly told us that he had called the operator and asked her what he ought to do, because the phone had emptied itself. She told him she would push a certain button, and if he'd put them back they would stay. And he did. Our little selfish selves were a bit disappointed for not getting that candy money, but greatly impressed with our Dad's integrity. Instantly we knew he had done right. Immediately we all became different that day. We wanted to be honest like Dad.

The impression Dad left with me was one I shall never forget. He didn't want anything that did not belong to him. He knew God was watching, and wanted to please Him. He also knew that four young lives were watching him. I like the phrase..."More is caught than taught..."
Did someone leave an impact on your life at an early age, which caused you to act with integrity or think in a more noble way? If so, who was this person? Temptation is different for each of us, and comes in varying degrees. Remember, from one of my earlier posts, that my dad received only a single dime once a year on his birthday. Can you imagine that this may have been a substantial temptation for him to see all those shiny dimes roll out of that machine? I never asked you, Dad if you had to think about it, or whether it was an instant reaction to return the money. You can answer this question and I will post it.

Have a lovely Tuesday, Kathi
"For we are taking pains to do what is right, and not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of men." 2Cor. 8:21


Connie said...

what a lovely story...and how true it ist that temptation comes at us in so many ways. I got all the way home and realized I hadn't been charged for a can of paint from Home Depot. I called them...they were flabbergasted that someone would call to tell them they hadn't been charged for something. The mgr. said, "Ma'am...since you are so honest, you may keep the paint and we will write it off...we appreciate your honesty." About a year later my 19 yr. old found $30 in an envelope outside the bank on her college campus. Inside the envelope also held an account number. She walked into the bank and told the teller to deposit this $30 back in this account because she found it outside. The teller was like, "Oh, it's only $30" and my daughter said, "I'd be very upset if I lost $30 and since this is a college campus, this must have been another college student...we are all broke." Yup...they learn what they live. It's all good.

onlymehere said...

What a beautiful story. Your dad was able to teach you a valuable lesson just by living that lesson! Amazing what our kids pick up on when we're just busy living life isn't it? Thanks for posting this and reminding us all that little eyes are always watching and learning about life by what we do and say or don't do or say. Cindy

Deb said...

Hi Kathi, I would have to say that my whole family has played that part in my life. Deb

Sharon said...


We have been so blessed with such a great father who is such a great role model. I don't really remember that incident. I wonder if I was too young. I do however do the same type of thing all the time and have taught my children such things. Like when we realize the clerk didn't charge us for milk, we run back in and pay or if they give me too much change back, I always return it. I know I get that from Daddy.

I remember another incident when we were at Deb's restaraunt and Daddy had to pay the bill, but he didn't have enough money. I remember he left his driver's license and ran over to Grandma Ethel's house to get the money and pay. That left an impact on me too!

Have a great day!

Love you little sister, Sharon

Brenda said...

I have to say both of my parents always taught us that we will Reap and and sow. In there words what goes around comes around.
We were always taught that from birth you have a name and it will be with you all your life.No matter what you do in life others will always remember that name if it is the good or bad you do. I raised my children the same way.
I also taught them when you sow a seed in life it will grow bad or good. It is up to you.When I sow a seed I always name my fruit id like to see from my labor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi, thanks for featuring me in your blog. No I didn't have to think about what to do with all of those dimes that came out of the pay phone, they just didn't belong to me.
I remember when I was in the Navy I lost my wallet at an the airport in Massachusetts, with quite a bit of money, (all that I had) someone turned it in at the counter, all of the money was there when I picked it up. I guess I wanted to be like that person
Have a good day. I love you, Dad

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Loved reading that story about your dad Kathie(:) and the pic of you an your hubby, how great, you have been lifelong pals..that is amazing..
Hugs Patty

luvmy4sons said...

What a sweet and precious post. How awesome is your godly heritage! Some day your children will be telling some story about you in the same way!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I can just imagine you all eyeing that candy! :)

Your father did the right thing and so true that more is caught than taught.

Have a lovely evening!


Pearl said...

Hi Kathi... I sure did enjoy reading this post for so many reasons ~smile~ Thank you very much for sharing this part of your life. What your dear Father did on that day was such a precious gift/lesson for his children.

You asked if any of us have had a similar experience... I have, but I'd rather share a present day "story" instead, if you & your readers will indulge me...

My Husband and I make a weekly trip to our local bank to get cash for the week ahead. Often one or both of the boys are with us. Sometimes my Husband will go without me, but take the kids. Not too long ago it was just my Husband and our oldest son, age 22. As is the habit/custom with us, we count the money while still in the vehicle (at the drive-in window) and then have one of the boys count it to just double check. Then we pull away. My Husband said he counted it, to himself, and discovered it was $100.00 over what it should be! Knowing the woes we've been having with the oldest and his money habits, or lack of, he remained silent to see what our son would say. After counting, he turns to his Dad and says, Let's go! ~sigh~ I am certainly not happy about sharing this, but feel it is important. Of course my Husband did not go. He just looked at our son, and said, Are you sure we should just go? ~silence~ He knew his Dad knew of the extra money. He just hung his head, handed the money back, and said, Here Dad. No apology. ~sigh~ Of course the money was sent back to an extremely grateful teller. They pulled away and instead of coming home, my Husband drove to the fishing pond and proceeded to have, yet another, money conversation with our son. He did say he was sorry. He did say he understands why it was given back. But said that if it had just been him, that he most likely would have left with the $100. ~just shakes my head~ We continue to talk with him, not nag, and pray for him and for us, as parents.

This story of you and your siblings with your Dad is just so powerful, Kathi. I am printing it out and will be sharing it with my Husband and son. And I will keep on praying! My special thanks go out to your amazing Father! How precious that God sent him to be your Dad ~smiles~

I'm off, now, to read more... God Bless...



Ruthie said...

What a wonderful lesson your dad taught you by example. I pray that we are the right kind of example for our children, too.
Nice to have you come to my blog.
Thanks for the comment.
I really enjoyed your blog.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is a wonderful story about your father. Thank you so much for sharing it.

And thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you'll come by again.

cookie said...

What a great Dad you have. I'm glad that I read about him today, and about the lesson you all learned. I hope you are doing well.


Gramma 2 Many said...

I am sad to say I also learned from my fathers example. What not to do!! The day I was in a hardware store with him and saw him pocket some small nut and bolt he needed. He shrugged and said they would never miss it. Another day when he saw a large sum of money in the G-store parking lot and immediatly parked his car over the top of it so no one else would see. He figured he needed it as badly as the other preson. True.
On the other side, one day I was in W-Mart and found $100.00 on the floor in front of the register where I was paying. I tried to give it to the clerk. She would not take it!!! Did not want her register to be over or something. I found the store manager and gave it to him. He also could not believe I would do such a thing. I do not know where it went from there, but it was never on my conscience. Oh yeah, my dad also taught me about drinking and infidelity. You are so blessed to have had such a wonderful man for a father. Seriously, I know my dad did not plan to live his life the way he did. He was just a flawed man. Maybe I should go post on my blog about this and not take so much of your space:)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I was blessed to have an opporunity like that with my kids. We had gone to buy a pop from a vending machine, and the machine dispensed 2 pops for the price of one. I took the girls to the counter of the store the machine was in, and gave the lady the .50 for the extra pop. She looked at me like I had grown a third head, but it was so important to me that my girls see the right thing to do.


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