Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our 1985 BMW

New Year's Eve I had my little car's trunk full of Costco stuff. My car died out in traffic and had to be towed. I'm so thankful for the four men who jumped out of their cars to push it safely off the road. My neighbor was nearby and came to help. Soon my husband arrived. We had it towed home, and we hope to find out the cause of the trouble quickly. I'm so thankful God protected me.
We bought this cute little BMW in Munich, Germany, at the BMW factory. We saved for two years, flew over, picked it up, and drove it around Bavaria for five weeks. We shipped it over to the states, and picked it up in Portland after that. We drove it to Salzburg and saw Mozart's home and "The Sound of Music" tour. I'm sitting in the actual gazebo from the movie in this picture. When I was student teaching in Colorado, I took kids places like roller skating and out for ice-cream. We have a new driver now. It's our son Harrison.

It's still our date car. This is my husband the night we celebrated our 24th anniversary. The car is all shined up and has its summer wheels on. I'm thankful we still have it, and do not have a car payment. I'm also happy that it is now becoming a classic car. It' still lots of fun to drive.


Sharon said...

Oh, that is such a great car! I love all the history behind it. Does she have a name???? It seems like she should since she has been with you for so many years! I'm sorry she broke down and I hope you can get her fixed for cheap! I love all the pictures you have, they are soooo cute!

Love Sharon

MyJourneyBack said...

I love the story of the car. I hope that you can fix it. It is amazing you have kept it this long. And the date night wish I had a date night. I keep asking but can't seem to get them in! Maybe that's one I'll put on my 8 for 08. I also like your New Years Day morning goal planning with your family. You are Blessed and they are Blessed as well.


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