Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm getting organized. I'm learning that making plans gets me no where. I must also do the "PLANNING." This is done best for me, by writing out my monthly goals, then transfering them to a daily list. I check off the list as I go. If I don't get something done I move it over to tomorrow. This is what my husband has always done, and he is very organized and gets more done in a week than most people I know. My husband has had our children write out their yearly goals on New Year's morning each year. It's also a tradition to have sparkling cider in special glasses.I appreciate that my husband has always been a planner. He doesn't just make plans, he actually writes down his goals for the year, then the steps to achieve those goals, which is the "planning." He does the planning by break down the steps by month, week,and day. Here he is helping our son Harrison plan his day.

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Sharon said...

Dear Kathi,

I love the idea of sitting around on New Year's day and having sparkling cider and writing down the goals for the new year! I know Stacey is a planner and how hard you work at it. I hope that your new system will work for you! I have lots to organize around the house, that is my first goal for 2008!

I love you! Sharon


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