Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Counting Down to Victoria's Wedding Part 1

I will always remember Victoria up early making tea. This is one of her last mornings living in our home. I am going to miss my daughter so much, yet I am so happy for her. I am so thankful for her choice of a godly, kind and hard working husband, Blake.
 Aunt Sharon, my sister, came to help us. We had so much to do. Planning and organizing are her gifts. I on the other hand, did not seem to possess this gene. The timing of events unfolding here was orchestrated by the Lord. Sharon got some days off from work for bereavement following the death of our mother, and she chose to use some of those days helping us. In spite of the incredible shock and sorrow we were feeling, God provide grace and mercy for us to focus on Victoria and Blake's special day.

 Sharon provided assurance that all things would work out,  and she supplied order, along with structured plans to help us arrange and decorate our home for pre-wedding photos, and the barn reception.

 The girls and I had spent over a year purchasing dinner plates for about .50 cents a piece at garage sales and thrift stores. These are ready to be taken to the barn.
 Victoria's bride's maids all received special gifts from her. They too, came to help us steam table cloths and decorate the barn.
 The barn is only 100 yards from the house, Sharon's car proved to be a handy way for us to transport.
Notice the hats, coats and gloves. It was about 20 degrees outside.
I praise God for his perfect help in time of need. I thank God for Sharon and her discernment on practical decisions for this exciting event. With the sorrow of losing our mother just days before this, we were kept strong with the Lord's peace and joy. I have more to tell in further posts.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness."  2 Corinthians 12:9 
Blessings, Kathi

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Sue said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Kathi! thoughts and prayers for your family!

Sisters make the best of friends, as does daughters, Wishing Victoria and Blake much joy and happiness!

Thank you for visiting me, I am trying to get back to blogging regularly but find it somewhat hard. it is so much easier to post on Ig, but I love blogging it is so much more personable.
Have a blessed day.


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