Friday, October 21, 2016

Cheat Day

Oh dear...I have cheated on my diet.
 What did I eat? Well...
I did not want to cheat, but it just happened. It all started with a cookie, just one bite. I did not want to hurt my daughter's feelings (Victoria, who made the cookies). Next, my hubby and I were out on a fun day together and we sort of ended up at Voodoo Doughnuts. After that we had lunch at Hole In the Wall Barbecue...
 Now, how can you say no? We then bought pizza for a party our son is having, and well, I already cheated so, why not? Okay, so to make myself feel better about this, I have declared this "Cheat Day," and there is no guilt involved. Why no guilt? Because I know that tomorrow morning I will have my usual bacon and eggs, no sugar, no carbs, and I will eat lots of good fat. I love love love my diet, which is really a life-style. I have easily, without feeling deprived, lost 14 pounds. Here is part of the proof...
I have also lost two inches from each thigh...
 Why is it okay for me to "cheat" on my diet, but it is not okay for me to cheat on God's laws? After pondering this, I believe this might be the answer. I think it is because I set up the rules for my diet, and it is God who sets the rules for His law. One thing that is the same is that, honestly, I did not want to cheat on my diet today, nor did I even have the desire. I love love love this life-style diet so much that I was NOT wanting to stray from it.  Nor do I want to stray from God's laws and commands. I do not want to break fellowship with Him. I see how easily it is to accidentally fall into sin though. God tells us in His Word to be careful. I look forward to getting right back. I love the way I feel and the new look I see in the mirror with the paleo (I also eat dairy) diet. I can't even say I worked hard to get this thin. The pounds fell off in seconds, over yummy bacon and eggs with cheese and sour cream. When I read God's Word, that is how I feel. I feel good. I rejoice in it. I feel close to the Lord.  It is not work to read the Bible, it is pleasure. I do not want to stray from Him or His Word. His Word benefits me. I see results when I read it.

Psalm 141:4
"Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil..."
John 4:32
Jesus told them, "I have food to eat that you do not know about."

                            Blessings, Kathi

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