Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stay Above Those Gossipy Women ~ Ignore Them

We always think we need to know the details of gossip when it is about us. We demand to know who said it, what was said, and to whom.
Today I learned from the Bible, in Numbers 12, that it is not necessary for me to know about the idle talk, rumors, or vicious unconstrained conversations about me; God will take care of it. 
If you believe in God and you are listening to His voice, He will prick your conscience because you are His child. Like little seedlings, you must grow to be like Him. Warning: The Lord will deal with you swiftly if you believe in Him and you are a partaker of gossip; either enjoying every morsel as you gobble up each detail,
or if you are the one gabbing in the echoing church, outside the Ladies' room or in the drug store. The Lord will deal with you and your run-away tongue because...

He wants to sharpen your conscience (sometimes this happens harshly to teach the lesson).

Sometimes what you dish out will be served back to you, to teach you to become more like Jesus.
Moses did not even know he was being cruelly dishonored by his siblings. He was occupied in service for the Lord. It was the Lord who intervened for him. The Lord's punishment was severe, but after the learning there was mercy. I have heard that, Humble Pie goes down good with a cup of grace.  Blessings, Kathi     
                               Numbers 12
"...One day Miriam and Aaron were criticizing Moses...the Lord heard them...Immediately he summoned Moses, Aaron and Miriam to the Tabernacle..." Please read this for yourself in the Bible. The name of the book is Numbers and the chapter is 12 


Jean | said...

Kathi, so many people think of gossip as "harmless," but it can be ruinous! I don't need to hear it about anyone else; and if it's about me, I think of something I once heard: "Other people's opinion of me is none of my business."

Rose of Sharon said...

I think everyone has had someone gossiping behind their back at least once in their life and it sure doesn't feel good. You are right to say "ignore them!" but it's easier said than done. I think maturity definitely helps. As I have aged, I have very little desire to hear "tasty morsels" about others. I love this passage about Moses. Thank you for sharing.


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