Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On the Farm...

Poor Shorty. Why, Oh Why, is he in the "kitty carrier of shame?" We had to take him to the vet. His hair was falling out and we did not know why. The vet took a good look and declared, "It is a classic case of nerves. He is over grooming." She gave him a shot of cortisone and we were on our way. But what caused the nerve problem? I'm guessing it was that we got our new puppy, who was sweet and loving to us, but not so much to our cats. Before Smokey, our dog was hit by a car, he lived in the outdoor kennel. After Smokey died our kitty Shorty still had the loss of hair problem. It took a long time, but he did better.
Soon Shorty was looking more like himself. The change seemed to come when we put our duck, Ping, and four hens inside the dog kennel. Isn't that amazing? We think that Shorty got better with the help of the shot, but also, by noticing that those birds were not a threat to him.  
Notice that Ping, our duck is taking his morning bath. When he was small the stainless steel bowl was fine. When he got bigger we went to the turkey roaster (no kidding), but don't tell him that that is what he was bathing in. And then..  
Ping was set free. He loved his freedom in the mill pond. All is good now, on the farm. 

 "Praise the Lord. He never changes. I come to Him. He's always there. He comforts me on every level. He's never any other way. And He'll be the same tomorrow as He is today..." --Ron Harris and Stormie Omartian

Blessings, Kathi

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