Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saying Good-bye Is Such a Hard Thing to Do

Dear Dad and Mom and blogging friends, I am just now posting photos of Harrison's last moments before leaving for college. We all said good-by: Dad and Harrison,
Mom and Harrison,
Garrett and Jessica with Harrison,
Victoria and Harrison,
and, with his boss and neighbor, Cody.
Time to pack up his truck.
Victoria with her sad face.
Harrison being funny while packing up his stuff.
I came to visit Harrison at his dorm a few days later. We went to lunch together. He loves his new home.
He's doing really well, studying hard and making new friends. I'm so proud of you Harrison. We miss you so much, but we know you are where God has placed you.
Blessings, Kathi
"Then Isaac sent Jacob on his way, and he went to Laban, the brother of Rebekah, who was the mother of Jacob and Esau."
Genesis 28:4-6


Rose of Sharon said...

Oh, Kathi, my heart feels for you. :0( I am posting about Gray's moving day tomorrow. It's hitting me harder than I thought and I've been really down. I miss all my kids and I'm sad that Hayden's a senior. I wish I had a time machine....

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

I got a kick out of the truck packed for the move! Guys and girls pack and move to college a little differently! LOL! I absolutely LOVE that old truck...super cool! :)

This is Ashley's first year as well. I'm waiting for "goodbyes" after the weekends home to get easier! :( But as hard as it is, I'm learning to let go, and trust that God has total control and provides the protection I can't across the miles!

~Saying a prayer for both of our children in their new venture!

onlymehere said...

Wow, love how they hung the bikes. It is so hard to say goodbye but hopefully he calls and/or emails so you can keep in touch. The "hello" is going to be sweet when it comes again. Just five weeks until my own hello with Trav. I can hardly wait to see him at the airport. I'm thinking mom should get the first "hello" and hug, don't you?!

Jan said...

It does get easier only because after a while you don't worry as much and all you have to do is miss them.

I wish I could say the first to leave is the hardest, but each time one of mine left, it felt the same.

What a joy it is to know that you are sending your son out into the world knowing the Lord and loving Him...what a wonderful foundation for his future.

Praying for 'yuns' today (that's Pittsburghese!).



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