Monday, August 8, 2011

Afternoon At the Creek

Victoria, Garrett and I went swimming at our neighbor's creek the other day. It was a hot afternoon. Before we jumped off the rope swing we read some At Home in Arkansas magazines, that I love.
I don't part with these because the photos and articles are so good. Notice this one. If you look closely you will see it was written by our fellow blogger Liz Owen, of Mabel's House. I had forgotten she wrote for this magazine and was so excited when I saw her name and remembered. After all, I got the magazine from a link off her blog.
I showed my daughter. She loves this magazine too. Why is it that with blogging friends, I think they are not real, and when I meet one in person, I'm flabbergasted and excited? It's like they are larger than life. It's just like, at age six, seeing my first grade teacher at the store, and I think, wow she goes to the store too!! That's how I felt when I saw Liz's name!! Wow, she's really real!!
I look a bit apprehensive, don't I? My son Garrett wants me to jump off the rope swing.
"Come on Mom, you can do it," he coaxes.
Finally, I become brave, and take the plunge.

This is not the South. This is Oregon. The water is ice cold even when it is 90 degrees outside. There are no poisonous snakes, spiders, aligators or anything dangerous where we live. I appreciate this.
The kids find a marsh full of frogs and lily pads.
There's a frog. Victoria will find it. She always does.
Time to go. What a fun way to spend a warm afternoon. Thanks for joining us. Come again. Kathi
 "And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneading troughs..." Exodus 8:3


gin said...

you did great swinging into the creek. We do have alligators and things down here. We met our kids at a restaurant on the river a few months back and parked at a bayou off the river, and there 5 feet from the truck was a baby alligator (about 4 feet long) sunning on a log. I have a picture of it on one of my post. We took his picture and walked into the restaurant. Nothing unusual about that!

Mommyblogger said...

What a fantastic summer day!!! I live in KY with snakes & spiders and we still swim in the lakes :) Looks like you had a blast, that rope swing is awesome!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That looks like it was a fun time! I'd love to swing into the lake!

Elena said...

What a fun day!!

Rose of Sharon said...

That's so cool that Liz wrote that article! She is amazing!Your relaxing time at the creek looked like such fun!

Love, Sharon

Becky said...

Brave soul, you!

I do live in the South on the river and even in the heat of a very hot summer, the river is ALWAYS cold down I can imagine how cold it must be up there. (Yeah, we do have all sorts of creatures...ugh/scary).

Looks like you and your family are having a delightful and delicious summer. Continue to enjoy.




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