Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall Happenings

Hello Everyone, It's time once again for a bit of Kathi's News and the Fish Wrap, only I'm behind. Here's some news from October 2010.  Pretty soon I will be all caught up.  We got invited to our neighbor's farm for a pumpkin party.
Most of the neighbors and kids from Garrett's school were there. Each child got to choose a pumpkin from the garden and bring it into the shop and carve it.
Come along and see what the kids are doing.
Even this little guy wants to have some fun.
Garrett and Daddy start carving their pumpkin.
Amorita invited us to the party. She is such a sweet lady. I'm glad to have her for a neighbor.
Little Georgia is carving her pumpkin for the first time. I love her name.
After we carved pumpkins we cleaned up and ate dinner. I forgot to mention this was a pot luck also. What a fun tradition. We look forward to next year.
In other news, Garrett and his little friend have been going to AWANA for the third year now. This is a once a week meeting where the children learn Bible verses, sing worship songs and play games.
Harrison and Victoria were taking the same math class so they studied together in the dining room.
I was overwhelmed with my beef orders, but so thankful for my customers and for getting all the beef delivered. I no longer deliver beef. My customers pick it up from the butcher themselves.
Garrett wanted to be a mad scientist this year. I'm so thankful for big sister Jessica for helping him figure out this costume with a bathrobe and heavy eye brows.
His first stop was the local market.
Jessica's costume was these sparkle eye lashes.
Garrett happy with his loot!
On a sadder note. We got the call that my dad was in the hospital. My husband was on a business trip, so the kids and I and Harrison's girlfriend Nikki all jumped into the car to visit Dad. We stopped off to eat first.
These times can be frightening and even lonely for me, being that Stacey was out of town, and not knowing how serious my dad was. Taking the kids to Taco Bell on the way lightened thing up for us and created a happy memory of us being together. We prayed for Dad as we drove to the hospital.
Daddy was having many tests regarding his heart. Garrett and I both wore masks, as we both had coughs. Daddy had a pacemaker put in and then later had surgery to where the pace maker completely controls his heart muscle. He is on lots of medication. Some of them make him extra tired. We are praying that he could get off some of the medicine and have more energy. We are thankful for all that the doctors did and for all of God's blessing and His hand on my dad. He was released from the hospital, but too weak to come for Thanksgiving.
This year Thanksgiving was at my house. Almost everyone could come except my brother Wade and his family and of course Mom and Dad. Sharon's in-laws, Jim and Alice were able to come, which made us so happy.
We had family members seated all over the house. My nephew Hayden, Harrison and Nikki in the kitchen.
We even set up a table in the huge farm house laundry room. Well, we had a joyous time of celebration and have so many things we are thankful for. I am going to keep posting older photos until I am finally caught up on my blog. Have a lovely day, Kathi "
For the LORD is great and greatly to be praised;He is also to be feared above all gods." 1 Chronicles 16:25


Richard said...

Just to share with you folks, i have a new post today on Amish Stories from the Terre Hill days even that was just held in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was a very hot day but i was able to get i think a few good images from this event. The town is populated with a mix of Amish and old order Mennonites which only adds to its charm. They even have what has become famous in Terre Hill their "outhouse race". The town sits on a hill so it overlooks Lancaster farmland in almost all directions. This is one of my favorite towns to visit because its free from commercialism, so if you are looking for a really all American kind of town with the added bonus of seeing its Amish and Mennonite residents at work and play, then this town is for you. Thanks folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

Tanya Ross said...

Kathi, I love fall, all the colors and all the activites. I am glad to hear your dad came through. Can not wait till the next pictures.


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