Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day

Pastor Steve gave a beautiful message for Mother's Day at church. The message was so good that Pastor Steve gave about his own mother and her love and prayers for him. This is his first year without her, as she passed away a few months back.  He shared a story that when he was about eight years old he hid in the back  of the car on the floor when his mother was going to her Bible study. She had no idea he was back there. As the car rolled down the road he could hear her singing praises to the Lord, quoting Bible verses and prayer for her family. He knew then and there how genuine her faith was, for she worshiped the Lord when no one was looking. What a blessing a godly mother is. I left the service humbly praying that I too could be more like his dear mother. What a beautiful witness for Christ.
Every woman in church received a rose. Our pastor was sensitive to those women who longed to be mothers, but for some reason or other they could not give birth. It was thoughtful to give every woman a rose; to honor all the women; those who are mothers and those who may not have children of their own, but they have been mothers to young ones in the neighborhood, or to nieces and nephews. Many have not been able to give birth and have been deeply hurt by this. Some have lost children.
Here is my rose. I love the pretty stripes.
This is Shirley, a dear woman who saw Harrison sitting in church one day and noticed he appeared troubled. She began praying for him. After the service she spoke with him for about 20 minutes. She has faithfully prayed for our son. She is acting like a mother or grandmother to my son. She filled a need in his life and I appreciate her prayers greatly. She has continued to ask him how he is doing and has called a few times. She prayed very hard when we were hoping Harrison could get into the Christian dorm and shared our joy when he was accepted.
We ate at one of my favorite Indian restaurants after church and then stopped in to see my husband's mother, Vivian. We brought some chocolate cake.
Our church is 45 min. north and west from home and Vivian is north and east of church and home. My own sweet mother lives way south of us, so it was not practical to see both our moms on Mother's Day. I had seen my mom the weekend before and then again the weekend after, so although I wished I could be with her on Mother's Day, I felt torn and did the best I could. I promised my Mom, Shirley, that I would take her to lunch. I still have not done this, but I will next week. I love you Mom. Thank you for being my mother and instilling in me godly values and sharpening my conscience. I'm praying for you and I look forward to our special lunch together. Note-- as much as we love Steve and Sue, our pastor and his wife, the 45 min. drive there and back was too much for us and we now are attending a church 10 min. from home. We miss our old church family and are getting to know our new one.
"Nathanael said to Him, “How do You know me?”
Jesus answered and said to him, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree,{worshiping Me}, I saw you.”
Nathanael answered and said to Him, “Rabbi, You are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” John 1:48-49


Tanya Ross said...

I love the testimonies, that sounded like a great tribute to his mom. you are right, I need to worship and praise even when no one is around. I am so glad that you had a wonderful mother's day. and to honor women who could not have kids, that is awesome. Great blog and wonderful reminders. love the rose.

jAne said...

your blog is so welcoming, kathi.
thank you for the bits of time
here and there, for quips, encouragement,
scriptural passages and sweet
stories to lift the heart. :o)


Elena said...

Such a beautiful post! It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Rose of Sharon said...

It looks like a wonderful mother's day!


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