Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winter Happenings

I'm still getting caught up from my time away from blogging. I have my winter time news and the fish wrap finally ready to post. These are a few things we did during the cold months. Our daughter took the photo of holly. She's taken three terms of photography classes. I'm impressed.
We got to be entertained by Jessica's jazz choir. It was a wonderful evening.
Students sold poinsettias for a school fundraiser. We loved their singing and Jessica got a solo part.
Jessica began the new year with a splash. My kids think of the funniest things to do. She actually jumped into the icy cold water in our creek on New Year's Day. Jessica is one brave girl!
Harrison and Victoria had Career Day at school. They had to dress professionally, make several copies of their resume and go through lots of mock job interviews.

Stacey and I having a cup of coffee together in the afternoon.
Stacey chose a cute little cafe.

Another job required for our orchard is to spray the trees. We do this twice per year, and that seems to control insects and other problems. I should say Harrison and Stacey do the spraying, not we.

Harrison drove his truck to school to fix some things on it for his shop class. He took apart the brakes which were faulty, and realized there was not enough time permitted during class to fix them. What to do? Dad to the rescue. My husband hauled the truck home, where together, they will fix the brakes. Harrison has been wanting to make beer and he and my husband Stacey worked on this together over Christmas break.
My husband Stacey enjoying a bike ride on one of those rare sunny days in late January.
Victoria wearing her $1.50 top from a thrift store for school.
Me just back from teaching school. Wearing my $3 sweater, $8 top and $4 dollar pants. I love thrift stores.All that you see here are branches, not leaves, but branches that my husband has clipped off these trees. He does this during breaks from his corporate job. He works from home, but comes out here to clear his head and get exercise. He amazes me with his will to work and joy for keeping busy. I'm so thankful for him. Stacey my husband pruning trees. He had to go on a business trip for two weeks and asked the kids and I if we'd pick up the branches while he was gone. I was astonished at how much work he'd done; never a complaint or grumble. He loves to work. I'm very blessed to have such a sweet man.

Victoria and I got our cell phones at the same time. Look how used hers is. It makes me laugh. Mine still looks new and it's nearly two years old.
We got a cloud burst of hail. Harrison and Jessica could not resist going out in it.
Confession: This is my messy house. I took a 30 day job substitute teaching. I left the house each morning at 7:00 am. I got so far behind in my house work. It will take me a while to get into the groove. How do full time working mothers do it? and some even blog!!! I had to give up my blog during this time.
I feared I'd forget what I wore and keep wearing the same thing, so each day I had one of the kids snap my picture; notice the clutter in the house in both photos. If you were to walk into that room to the right, believe me you'd be shocked!! Stacks of laundry etc. etc. etc.
One of the bitter cold winter nights was going to get even colder. It was predicted down in the low 20's, so the kids helped me stock up the firewood, and this was after a long work and school day. Thank you Harrison.
Jessica and me. She's hamming it up. We kept that stove going and it helped keep the heat bill lower. Thank you kids.
I breaded and fried my chicken on the stove, but knew it would not be crisp enough, so I put it in the oven for 20 more minutes at 350 degrees. It was delicious.
Nikki came over for Harrison's birthday and really made him happy.
"Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter." Psalm 74:17

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