Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now That I Am Over 50 ...

Most of you gals don't know I had begun a weight loss blog last spring. It was a private blog between my sister Sharon and me. Somehow it accidentally became public. I was mortified, but the dear sweet lady who notified me (Sue), was so kindhearted and non judging that it was okay. I'm not doing that blog anymore, but I have saved two excerpts from it. Here is one:Last night I ate an early healthful dinner. I was not hungry afterwards, but I had a slight craving for a piece of chocolate. I decided to brush my teeth. Wow, the picture below shows me looking still pretty good, but I will not show you what's under that T-shirt.
Uh, actually, there is an ugly truth hiding under this shirt. In the original post I showed the ugly truth. There was a muffin top under there!!! I'm too vain to show all of you dear bloggers, but believe me it is there. I'm so thankful it can still be hidden. Another six months of living like I was and I could not possibly hide it. I was eating anything I wanted any time I wanted and I was NOT exercising. Now that I am 50, I must exercise and eat right to stay healthy; something I should have done all along anyway regardless of my age. Menopause slows things down and makes weight gain and lack of energy a big deal.
Today I had my same breakfast of whole wheat peanutbutter toast and black coffee. This is my lunch. Another Chef's salad with hard boiled egg and shredded beef. I added peanuts and flax seeds and used blue cheese dressing.
I have not been craving junk or sweets. I know this is not normal for me and the urge and cravings could come back at any time. I also know that regardless if my muffin top goes or stays, exercise has become a new main stay for me. I jogged on the treadmill for 20 min. this morning. I know I am out of shape because I must keep it at speed 3 all the time with occasional times changing it to 4, 5, and 6. I tried to stay at six for one full minute and it was very hard. Walking at a speed of 3 as I did yesterday might be good for me, but I was not sore today. That means I must work harder. Update: since writing the above I am able to stay on th 5 speed for the main portion of time, and can go up to the 7th and 8th speed for 30 seconds at a time. It is hard not to snack. I found a snack that works for me. I will tell you about that tomorrow. Please Dear Blogging Friends, know that this is not about losing weight, but rather about staying healthy. God bless you ladies. "Lord, Thank you for my treadmill and for healthful food to eat."

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Happy@Home said...

You look great to me, Kathi, but I applaud you for taking care of yourself and sharing with us. I know what you mean about menopause changing things. I look forward to hearing what your snack is.


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