Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harrison's Summer Job Driving Combine

My son Harrison has been driving a combine for 4 summers now. We are so thankful he has this job. Not only for the college money, but for the experience and the many good work ethics he is attaining.

His boss keeps contact with him while he is working and let's him know where to unload the grain.
We like his boss very much. They are fair and very good to our son.
This is his boss standing on the edge of the truck bed. This boom comes out of the combine and fills the truck with grain.
I got to ride with Harrison his last night of the year. I enjoyed being with him so much.
Many of you have asked about my sister Sharon and have expressed how much you miss her. Sharon has begun blogging again!!!! Keep in mind that both she and I are behind in our posting, so we are for the most part blogging in order from last year. Sharon's old blog was "Rose of Sharon May." Her new blog is called "Rose of Sharon Garden." Please note that the title of her blog is "Rose of Sharon Garden" but the link says: Please click HERE
to go there.

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Sharon said...

He's such a hard worker and has such a great job! I love these pictuers! What great memories you guys have together! I wish I could go to work with my kids! lol! I have taken pictures of them at their jobs though. You're a good mom!

Thank you for the little advertisement to my new blog! :0) I am finally to Jan of 2010 and have pictures loaded through March, but they are just drafts, not ready to publish, so I still need to work at it. It's really fun to be back, but I am not 100% back and I'm not visiting other blogs yet, I just don't have time. I feel bad about that, but I eventually will.

Love you sister!



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