Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to My Husband and To My Own Daddy

Stacey, You are a wonderful father to our children. You have loved each one and have made all of our lives so fun and meaningful.
You took us all to the beach and many fun picnics.
Bike rides were always a part of your fun time enjoying our children. Many happy memories were made with you.
You are a great example of a godly man to our kids. Thank you for living your life for Jesus in front of them.
Thank you for working so hard to provide for us all.
Thank you for dressing up with the kids and being a fun dad.
Thank you for taking the kids out on fun adventures.....
That they will never forget. They love being with you.

Thank you for maintaining the cars to keep us all safe.
You've instilled good study habits and encouraged the kids to save for college.
Thank you for taking the kids to the university regularly to prepare them and get them used to college at an early age. Stacey you are always working to make our home a pleasant place. Even after work you work. I love you so much. Now look at your hand. It's in your pocket. You are so relaxed while you work. You are truly enjoying what you are doing. Now look at the next picture of Garrett.
Isn't this cute? Garrett is working. He's helping me make a birthday cake. Look at his hand in his pocket; just like his Daddy. I love it.
I love you Stacey. You are a wonderful father! Happy Father's Day.
Dad, You've been a wonderful father to me! Thank you for doing fun things with us kids. I used to love riding on the bike with you on "Greenie." I'm on the handle bars.
Thanks Dad for taking us to fun places like the beach and Crater Lake. I'm in between my sister Kelli and Sharon.
Thank you for taking us to church every Sunday and teaching us to love the Lord. You lived your life as a godly example in front of us. I felt so "cool" in those red tights and black shoes.
Thank you for providing for us all those years. You worked so hard and only missed one day of work that I know of.
You provided a beautiful home and clothes for us. We were not rich, but we were always dressed nice, and we were rich in love and security. Sharon is the first little adorable blondie, I'm holding her hand and my baby brother's hand, Wade. Kelli is the cutie at the top of the photo.
You always took us out for pizza in our cool car after church Sunday night. I don't know how we all fit into that car. I'm the "Geek" with glasses on the end. Thank you for paying for my glasses and contacts, Daddy, and for all those fillings. I think every tooth in my mouth has a filling in it.
Thank you Dad, for the many times you have come out to help us on the farm.
I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day. Love, Kathi

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