Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beef Stew For A Cold Day

Beef soup for a very cold day. It was in the low teens last week and so hard for us mild climate people to stay warm. I had to fix something warm and toasty for my family sooo.... Here is how I do it: I seer my boneless stew meat, place it in my crock pot and added onions and 32 ounces of canned beef broth. I slow cook it all day.At about 5:00 pm In a pot on my stove, I add two teaspoons of garlic salt and parsley to black beans, tomatoes, fresh frozen green beans, celery and corn. When that is heated through, I add it to my crock pot, which has the slow cooked beef. I do it this way because the above ingredients don't need to slow cook all day like the beef does. The hot crock will break if I add cool ingredients to it. I know this from experience. I once added cold milk to my clam chowder and was so sad to see liquid pouring out the bottom of my broken crock pot. It got so cold last week that our river froze over. I allowed the children to walk on it only after we inspected it with a large walking stick. Yep, it was frozen about seven inches thick. I got nervous when Garrett went out further and told him to come back. I told the kids to stay close to the edge. What fun for us. Rivers just don't freeze like this every day. Victoria, Jessica and Garrett had a blast. I brought the chicken's water out into the sun and poured hot water into it to melt the frozen water. They were happy with me and decided to lay their eggs. The cattle and goats were very thirsty. I poured very hot water onto their ice-over water and poked it with a large stick. I was glad they had fresh water to drink and was amazed at how there was always water in their bucket. I later found out our neighbor had been coming over and filling it each day with 10 gallons of water. My husband was gone on a business trip and the neighbor was such a help to me. I appreciate that greatly. Being a former city girl, I had no clue cows drank so much.
Try to stay warm wherever you are and enjoy this Christmas season. My Esther Bible study is going well. One of the things she mentioned today was not to seek approval or praise from people, but to focus our thoughts on Christ, wanting to please Him. Have a lovely day Dear blogging friends.

  "We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5


Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Kathi! Wow, the photo's of your frozen lake are awesome! Even in our winter, high up in the snowy mountain region, it still doesn't get as cold as it does for you! What an amazing part of the world you live in! The stew looked delish too sweetie, very warm and comforting. Have a lovely WARM day my sweet friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Connie said...

Mygosh, that looks good, honey. I'm feeding Jack orange chicken tonight-courtesy of the frozen section at WM! LOL
Tomorrow homemade meatloaf though...;-)

Sam said...

Hi, this stew looks awesome. A little cold out there is it? Wow.. Hope you have a splendid Holiday and stay warm and cozy. Looks like you have plenty to celebrate. Great Photos.Great Blog too. Love, Keri (aka Sam)


Shore Debris said...

That stew looks great! I think I may change up my ingredients this next weekend (last weekend we did the typical beef, onion, carrots, and potato stew).

Heather said...

yay for fun on the ice! i used to ice skate on our frozen ponds and lakes as a kid.
cute post on all the animals and how they are adjusting to the freezing temps.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

The stew looks yummy Kathi...Do you skate on the river?
We have to change to water a couple times a day cause if freezes on us. I dream of having a cow someday.

Anonymous said...

Kathi, you're so sweet to come and see me on sandwich. Loved your comment and felt the need to write back. I love old movies (maybe u noticed on the blog) but don't know about "Margie", the movie. I'll find it and the song you mentioned and maybe use it in a trivia question. Great info, great to meet you and I hope we see each other frequently in the blog world. Take good care, Keri

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

The soup looks delicious and I want to skate on your river!!!! How cool?!?!?!?

Great blog, stopping by from SITS. Can't wait to come back and read more.

Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner?

Elena said...

Your stew looks delicious! We have been having some warms soups as you know it got really cold down here too!

Sharon said...

I can't believe how cold it got! That is crazy that the river froze!!! I cannot believe what you've been through trying to take care of the cows! You are doing a great job.

Love you!


Rose of Sharon said...

Hi sister dear! I was looking through your blog for Mamma's hamburger casserole recipe and found this cute post. Please keep blogging! I love you! Sharon


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