Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homecoming Dance

Aahh, getting ready for the homecoming dance. Our daughter Jessica fixes her sister Victoria's hair.
With the instructional help from the Internet, Jessica gingerly works on her sister to do her magic.
It's coming along nicely. Jessica, you are so sweet to do your sister's hair.
Look how pretty it has turned out. I love it.
Here is Victoria and her boyfriend Gabriel ready to go to the dance. These two have known each other for two years. They were friends all this time until this summer when they became more than just friends.
Victoria chose this pretty emerald dress and paid for it herself. She chose wisely.
Our son Harrison also gets help from the Internet. He is making a corsage for his girlfriend Nikki.
I thought it was so neat that he thought this whole thing up himself and found the lace and ribbon in my sewing box.
He did not have a pearl needle so he found a pearl bead and figured a way to look like a pearl head pin.
He clipped flowers from the garden and put the whole thing together. It's beautiful.
He then set all these colognes on the counter and asked me which one he should wear. I liked Curve best and he did too, so that's what he wore.
Nikki and Harrison ready to go. They've know each other just over a year and have many things in common. Nikki love her corsage. Dating is all new to our family and we are thankful for the choices our kids have made. These kids are all Christians and are responsible young people. Even though the kids are old enough to drive, I drove the two couples to and from the dance for safety sake. Everyone had a wonderful evening. "The Lord will indeed give what is good." Psalm 85:12


Brittany said...

They all look beautiful! Victoria picked such a beautiful dress and it was so sweet of Jessica to do Victoria's hair! I also love how creative Harrison was to make his girlfriend a corsage! How sweet! You've got such great kids. Love you! Hope you're having a good week!

Heather said...

the kids looked great! i love the green dress. gorgeous!

BittersweetPunkin said...

My goodness Kathi...they sure look like they are growing up fast! And how great that you had a built in hairdresser right there!

I wanted to let you know that I started my Christmas kick-off and I am going to be featuring a lot of fun "stuff" and giveaways...pop on over every now and then,if you can!


Brenda Eason said...

How beautiful! I just love Victorias dress and hair. I never realized how much she looks like her dad until her hair was pulled away from her face.
Your son must truley have a heart of gold. Most women can not appreciate a man like this. I know that is how my Rian was. Stopping to pick fresh flowers. It may not be like evry one elses,but that is what makes it so speacial.
Great post.

Lady Farmer said...

Victoria's dress is beautiful ~ I just love the color!
Oh! Harrison making his date's coursage is just so sweet! Now that is worth so much more than a purchased one, anyday! What a sweetheart! What great kids you have, Kathi! I am sure you and hubby are very proud of them!

Elena said...

That is so awesome! Victoria's hair was just beautiful. Jessica's hair is beautiful too:) Love that curl. How neat that Harrison made his girlfriend's corsage. So romantic! Your children are a crowning glory to you and Stacey and the home to brought them up in. Many blessings dear friend, Elena

shamrock fields said...

How exciting--both of your daughters are so beautiful. How very sweet of your son to make the corsage himself!

Cottage Contessa said...

The girls all look just so beautiful, and the boys so dashingly handsome too! What a wonderful time in their young lives. May they always be this happy! And Jessica, what an awesome sister she is to do Victoria's hair so beautifully!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


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