Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Super Fun Time With My Sister Sharon Day 1

Good Morning Dad and Mom and my Blogging Friends. It's a beautiful day here. I thought I'd share pictures from our visit to my sister Sharon's house.
My kids and I ate a wonderful meal Sharon prepared of pasta and sausage. It was so good that I went back for seconds.
Sharon looks so pretty in her work clothes. She worked all day then fed us and took care of us.
Hayden, her son and Harrison, my son loved her cooking too.
My daughter Jessica and my son Garrett played on the trampoline afterwards.
Uncle Eric had fun teasing them with the hose.
Soon Grayson came home and brought Rochelle, his girl friend, with him. Garrett, Jessica and Victoria, my kids, are in the foreground.
Next morning at O'Dark-Thirty, Eric, Harrison and Hayden went fishing. I appreciate that Eric took my Harrison, as he has not had much experience fishing. He was very enthused about going.
Soon, Sharon and I were headed out the door for a one hour walk with her friend. It was a good work-out. I realize I need to be exercising like this regularly. I felt so good when I got back.
Later, Sharon took us garage selling and thrift shopping. I got some really neat things which I will show in another post. Here we are at a park which we used to play at when we were children.

We included ice-cream as part of the fun.
Aunt Sharon always makes things fun.
Jessica and Victoria shucked the corn for dinner. They never complain and do this job happily whenever I ask.
Me with Eric and Sharon enjoying a fabulous dinner of fresh crab which Eric and the boys caught, and the corn and some fresh veggies. They caught eleven crabs. Harrison loved being with his Uncle Eric and cousin Hayden, but he did get a tiny bit sea sick.
Harrison and Grayson having a friendly arm wrestle. Harrison didn't tell Grayson he was left handed til it was over. Grayson still won, but had a bit of a fight. It's fun to watch these guys. We had so much fun at Sharon's house. Her home is so cozy and warm. Every minute was fun. I'm so blessed to have her as my sister. Soon I will share with you day two of our fun time with her. Have a blessed day. Love, Kathi "The peace of God will be with you" Phil. 4:9


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis, Good to see you and Sharon, I need to go and visit her too !!! What a wonderful visit you had, and I'll be waiting to see what treasures you found!!.

Hugz Lorie

Judy said...

What a nice visit with Sharon's family. You can tell you all get along very well. I love the arm wrestling picture...it reminds me of my boys.

Heather said...

yay, what an awesome time! i love reading the posts from both of you when the family gets together. it makes me long for family time.

Michelle said...

Looks like all of you enjoyed a lovely visit. I love seeing pictures of your family together! Thanks so much for sharing ;)

Michelle :)

Shelley said...

We are blessed to have family that we can spend time with. It looks like you are really blessed to have family that you can spend time with.
I also spent time with family Sunday afternoon and evening. I don't have a sister Sharon but I have a sister in law Sharon who is really special.

Elena said...

That is so great to have such a wonderful time at your sister's!

GG said...

This post just makes me smile.

Sharon said...

I loved our time together sister! You are right, every minute of it was fun! I love it that we've been doing this for years!!! I love you! xox Shar


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