Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Few Treasures For Me!

Good morning ladies! I would like to share with you a few special treasures that I found at yard sales and thrift shops.
I'm sitting at my table with four chairs which I got at a yard sale. I love it. I got a really good deal on it. I also got the coffee cup I am holding for .25 cents to add to my collection. Below is another picture of me sitting at the table. There are about three things different in the picture can you find them?
If you said, I moved the flowers you'd be right. If you said it's now afternoon, you'd be right. If you said that I am wearing pearls you again, would be right, but can you guess WHY I am wearing pearls? I will let you think about it for a minute. Let's move on...
I found these fun decorator plates for my walls for a dollar each.
My sister Sharon is helping me to decorate my walls and plates really livin things up.
It will be fun to see how they look.
I got this fake tree for $5 and the plates on my once bare dining room wall for $1 each. Remember my blank wall? I'm so happy to now be decorating it.
Have you guessed WHY I was wearing the pearls in that picture yet? Well, first of all I am wearing them just for fun. My husband gave them to me many many years ago and I never have felt comfortable in them. I recently saw two women wearing them so it made me want to get mine out. I will give you a hint about the pearls: it has something to do with wearing them while cooking. Here is a close up of my pretty coffee cup.
Okay, here is my inspiration for wearing my pearls. My two daughters and I went to see the movie "Julie & Julia" and loved it. It was really cute and interesting about Julia Child's life, and really cool that Julie has a blog. Both of these ladies wear pearls while they cook. I thought I'd try it too.
Now I will show you my best treasure. Below is the 1966 hardback of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child!!! I had been searching for it for awhile now and found it for $1.50.
I know that this might seem trivial to pray about, but I actually prayed that I could find it and God blessed me with it. I'm so thankful and I look forward to using it.

I pray about big things and small things and I want to acknowledge that God answered this prayer of mine even though it was tiny. This is Kathi saying "Bon Appetit" "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart." Psalm 27:14


Sondra said...

Oh, I have really been wanting to go see the movie. But I doubt I would cook in my pearls- unless of course they would look good with my sweat pants! LOL! I'm so happy you found the cookbook you have been looking for. My mom always taught me to pray for small thing like that. It is so neat to see her now when she is praying for something so tiny that other might think is silly. But God hears it all :}

Sharon said...

What a cute post! I can't wait to see the movie! You look adorable in your pearls. I am happy that you finally found that cookbook! I am still on the hunt! I can't believe what an awesome deal you got on the wicker table and chairs! I loved our time together!

Love you! Sharon

BittersweetPunkin said...

Cute photos Kathi...LOVE your table and chairs...I wish I had a cute lil set like that.

I wear my wedding pearls every now and then....Kailei even borrows them from time to time.


Jan Parrish said...

I loved this movie! She was a blogger, writer and cook.

Shelley said...

I saw that movie with my husband and wrote about it on my blog. I too have the same cookbook, and pearls my husband gave me a few years back I should wear them in the kitchen while I'm cooking.
I like the finds you found for your home they are treasures for sure. This is how we decorate our home too. It makes it unique and everything has a story.
It's how God creates our home and keeps us on budget.

adsgram said...

You look so cute in your 'cooking pearls', Kathi. Congrats on finding the cookbook.


Joy said...

Love the picture of you at the table. What great deals you found.
I can't wait to see that movie either and hope to read the book soon too.

Elena said...

I love all your finds. The table and chairs are so pretty! Isn't the Lord so good as he blesses us with the big and little things!

onlymehere said...

I've wanted to see this movie but no one will go with me! I guess I'll have to see it alone. I don't cook very well and I admire you for taking on French cooking. I love the pearls too. I have my grandmother's pearls and I wore them on my wedding day as my something old. I wear them from time to time bz I love them. This was a fun post and I loved seeing your new treasures! Cindy

Heather said...

you look so cute in your pearls! love them! great items you found shopping. i wish i could find a big fake tree cheaply!

Brenda Eason said...

Loved the movie and want that book!

~~Deby said...

What a great post...and those pearls were such a neat touch to the pictures...I enjoyed seeing all your treasures, Kathi

A Romantic Porch said...

What great finds you have. I love that you prayed for the book. I do that too. Your plates look gorgeous on your wall. I'm so glad you decided how you'd like it to be. xo rachel


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