Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is Me Out On the Ice!

Am I crazy? On my day off I volunteered to help out on a field trip to the ice rink.
I have not been on ice skates in years. To say I was wobbly is an understatement, not to mention freezing.
When the teacher asked for parents to help by being another set of eyes and ears, said, "Yes, sure, I'll ride the bus and help out." This is my daughter in the middle, Jessica and two of her friends.
Jessica looks pretty happy as she laces up her skates. Jessica looked like a pro out there. She did not teeter or fall once. She could go very fast too. I went very slowly and my ankles hurt terribly. I am used to four wheels, not one blade. Aside from being very very cold, I had a fun day with my daughter and her class. Enjoy your week, ladies. I hope to visit you all soon. Love, Kathi "Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken, but endures forever." Psalm 125:1


Heather said...

looks like fun! i would be very wobbly too if it was me out there! i haven't ice skated in many years!

Judy said...

What a fun day. My ankles would have been sore too from skating on them, I haven't skated in years. Looks like you did fine tho.

onlymehere said...

You're such an awesome mom! You constantly amaze me. Go you!

grey like snuffie said...

How fun...I miss the field trip days...although I'm not sure my ankles could stand up to the test. You're a trouper!

Jan Parrish said...

I used to love to ice skate but I haven't done it in years. looks like lots of fun!

The Knutz Family said...

Young and beautiful! You go girl.

Jocelyn said...

Oh My , I have done my fair share of Ice skating Field trips and Birthday parties. !
I love Roller Skating best.
You looked great !

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Kathi- It is so obvious that you are exactly in the place God has for you. A wonderful experience being created for your children, and hey! you get to be in the middle of it to. Awesome!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a fun day and it was really nice of you to volunteer like that!

I can't ice skate for the life of me...I'd probably break my ankles! HA HA

Hope your week is going well, Kathi!


Sweet Nothings said...

That sounds like fun! I bet you're sore though! It was probably a good workout.

We're planning on taking the kids in our class to the ice skating rink pretty soon as well. Hope I don't fall! :)

Love you!


christa jean said...

You look so hip and cool out there! But I'm with you, I'd take roller skates over ice skates anyday!

Yolanda said...

You are one BRAVE woman!

Good for you, and a great day of memories for both you and your daughter.

shamrock fields said...


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God bless you,

Pearl said...

Ohhh just look at you on that cold ice! How sweet it must have been to spend time with Jessica and her friends that way... You know, I just love visiting with you and coming away with such a warm heart and a smile! As a child, I used to skate as much as possible each Winter... I have fond memories of all of us out there, twirling and laughing. We'd take breaks by the bon-fire and cradle hot mugs of cocoa in our cold hands before going back onto the ice for more twirling 'n fun... I sure do hope that your ankles are feeling much better, and that the rest of your week goes well for you...

God bless...

~hugs, love ♥ 'n prayers~


Sharon said...

I'm so glad that you get to experience going on field trips! It looks like you had such a fun time! It's too bad it was so cold, but I guess that's how it has to be for ice skating!

Have a great week Kathi!
Love, Sharon


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