Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Happenings

Dear Dad and Family, Here is the weekly news from our house:
NEWS FLASH: KATHI GETS HER HAIR DONE AGAIN!!! Here is my BEFORE photo. Yeah, I do need a hair cut, but the color is still pretty good, except for the gray roots, which you cannot see in this pic. Okay, here goes, come along with me and I will show you the process.First Frank gives me a refreshment of some sort. He asks me what I would like to drink. He brings me a Sobe or a really good coffee or something. Then we choose a color together. Next, Frank covers my hair with this stuff.
Doesn't this sort of look like a torture chamber? This is the chair. I sit in it while my hair is being treated. Here I am. I very comfortable. The heat feels good. I have some nice magazines and Frank brought me a citrus drink. I stay here for about 20 minutes. After Frank washes my hair he cuts and styles it. This photo was taken 20 years ago, yes Frank is still cutting my hair. I just didn't take a current photo of him cutting my hair.
All DONE. Even though my hair is pretty; as this is the AFTER photo, my age is showing in this picture, but I don't care. I'm aging, and that is okay with me. I'm starting to get used to it. Part of it is Frank and I laughed so hard we were both crying. I cried my make-up all over the place. I am so happy for that as a memory. Have you laughed lately until the tears came? It's a great feeling.
I stopped in to visit my parents on the way home and also my mother in law, Vivian. I really enjoyed seeing both of them. Vivian is standing in her kitchen in this photo. We had a wonderful visit. Thank you Lord for Vivian.
In other news, we finally got that deadly carpet all out of the house. We can all breathe easier and sleep better. Here is my husband and our daughter Jessica stripping it and rolling it up.
We could not believe that there was wood underneath. We had caught a glimpse of this once and thought it was old fashioned linoleum. It was painted wood.
Our children, Victoria, Garrett, and Jessica are so tired from helping move furniture. We were not quite finished when I took this photo. I love our pretty new carpet. It is so soft and thick. My husband putting back the pieces to the clock. We are thrilled with our new carpet.
I'm going to take you back in time for this News and Update. Here is a picture of Harrison the day he came home from the community college. He was 14 years old. He looks so young in this photo. He passed his tractor driving course with a 98%. He took the three day course during his Spring break from school. Here he is is on his first day of work. We were so proud of him. He worked ten hour days. He got yelled at and even swear words were shouted at him. He continued working and did very well. His boss trained him and taught him many things. He divided his pay check between college, tithes, and spending.
Here is Harrison his second year of driving tractors. This time he got to drive a combine. He endured lots of yelling and swear words again. He continued working and did a good day's work. He worked many long hours. He again divided his pay check, and used it well.
Here is Harrison his third year. This time he has a new boss. He is valued and respected. In turn he respects his boss. He was late to work one time. His new boss said, "You're late. Don't let it happen again!" Harrison completely respected his boss and, believe me, Harrison has never let it happen again.
This time everyone was busy. We had lots to keep up with. We deposited Harrison's checks but they were sort of forgotten. Can you believe that? How could we have forgotten? Better yet, how could Harrison have forgotten? I guess he had so much fun working he forgot there was pay at the end. On his 17th birthday, WE remembered the money. We added to it!!! Harrison bought the dream of most boys his age. He got this dirt bike for his birthday along with money he put towards it that he had earned.
To say Harrison was excited is an understatement. He said it was the best birthday he'd ever had. Here he is being handed the key. Our whole family went with Harrison to get his new dirt bike. I took the girls shopping and out to Jamba Juice afterwards. We had so much fun together.
On a sad note, we remember our friend Keith, the husband, father and school teacher who attended our church, who died of stomach cancer in January. Here is a photo of him seated insructing children at vacation Bible school. We know Keith is with the Lord. We hurt for his wife and children. Someday we will all see him again in Heaven. God's ways are higher than our ways. Sometimes we just do not understand. We continue believing in God and praise and thank Him. On a lighter note, my sweet hubby took me out for lunch in the big city. We had a wonderful time together. First we went to a Greek restaurant, then he took me downstairs for dessert and coffee at this bakery. I felt like I was on "Rodeo Drive" in Beverly Hills. It was so much fun to be alone together and doing fun things. The food was so good and time talking was wonderful. Today, Victoria made cookies for me because she got out of school early. I love it when she helps me around the house. Well that's the news from our neck of the woods. Sometimes things look so hard. We might have a problem so great we think it is impossible. God is HUGE. He can do all things. A woman came to my door. She had a different Bible than mine. She seemed to want to fill me with fear and worry. She denied Jesus as my Lord and my God. I was polite to her and kind. I told her I would not change my belief. I did not get worried nor afraid. Here is a verse, which gave me comfort, found in John: "Then He said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.' Thomas said to Him, 'My Lord and my God!" John 20:26-28 Have a great week, Dad and family. Love, Kathi


Blessed Mama of 4 said...


I love your new do - and you are so beautiful, just the way God made you (right!?) ;-)

Your final paragraph was very touching and encouraging.


luvmy4sons said...

What a precious heart you have. Thanks for sharing your lovely, busy and wonderful life with us. And I know what you mean about seeing how you just look OLD...I think you look wonderful, but I often look in the mirror and see the lines...I just look OLDER...that is okay I tell myself too! I like your attitude...but so you look great!

Judy said...

Your hair looks beautiful...and I really enjoyed this post.
Have a wonderful day Kathi.

Sharon said...

What a fun, newsy post. I love your hair! Frank once again did an awesome job. I am so proud of Harrison! He looks soooo cute sitting on that thing! It is neat how he worked hard and saved his money. I like your new carpet too and can't wait to see everything all done! I bet you are so excited. All the other pictures are cute too.

I'm sorry about your friend. He was a wonderful man.

Have a great Valentine's day!

I love you, Sharon

Sweet Nothings said...

It's fun catching up on you and the family! Your hair looks great and how awesome that Harrison was able to save up to get a dirt bike! I can imagine he was absolutely thrilled!

Have a good weekend!

Love you!

A Romantic Porch said...

Kathi, What a great mom you are and you and your husband have wonderful children. Keep up the good work. xorachel

Pearl said...

Hi Kathi... I really enjoyed catching up with you as I sipped my coffee... Just Loved your hair and seeing/hearing about your time with Frank... I've always thought that you're a Beautiful Lady, inside 'n out... It was nice to see all of the smiling faces of your family... even better to know that y'all are doing well...

God bless...

~hugs, love ♥ 'n prayers~



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