Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can I Spice Up My Meals With Herbs?

Dill grows so easily, almost like a weed, I think I'll just go snip some from my garden and throw it in with these cukes, red onion and vinegar and see what my husband says. Oh my goodness, this was a hit. He asked for more.
It even looks pretty with the cucumber and red onions marinating in that vinegar and salt. Yum. I have a lot of dill growing in my garden. I think I'll trying baking my fish with dill. Since my husband loves both salmon and dill, why not? Well, I'll tell you what... he loved it!
I was in a hurry as usual so I did my beans and potatoes like this. I steamed the potatoes first with the lid on. When they were about two minutes from being done, I pick fresh green beans, rinsed them off and tossed them on top, replacing the lid. In about two minutes the beans were done.
I like melted some Smart Balance (used for the healier heart diet) ya know, and to that I added fresh clipped chives, salt, pepper and garlic.
I drizzled that over the steamed potatoes and they looked like this. My mother used to do that. Thanks for the idea Mom. Everyone loved it. It tasted like an expensive restaurant.
Last but not least I tried fresh basil on the only good tomato I could find in my garden. A lil salt; a lil pepper and there you have it.
Simply scrumptious!! I think I may become a gourmet yet!!!
I bought my tomato plants in JUNE. I bought them because they were called, "EARLY GIRL." Well, today is SEPTEMBER 18th, and these aint EARLY!!!
FINALLY some red ones were discovered YAY!!
Only the slugs had their meal first. DRAT!
Believe me this one was on it's way to being perfect yesterday. What happened over night?
I've been afraid to take them off the vine because they say the flavor is in the vine. Well, I give up!!

Plan 'B' is to ripen them still on the vine, if possible indoors with the pears!! I'll let you know. I'm thankful and hopeful for my garden. I do think this is going to work and that there really will be salsa next week. Have a great day. "And God said, 'I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They are to be yours for food." Genesis 1:29


Gramma 2 Many said...

Wrong time for me to come to your blog. I have been running the roads all day. Have not supper ready. In fact, I have only been home about ten minutes. Am hungry and your dishes look so good. Think I will go have a bowl of cereal.
Loved all of your summer 08 pictures also. Your family is so beautiful and happy. You truly are blessed.

luvmy4sons said...

It all looked so yummy
! I will be right over! LOL! Only the vegetables though! I use Smart Balance Light! It's great stuff isn't it?

Jan Parrish said...

Looks so delicious - I can almost smell it.

Brenda said...

Girl you sure know how to do things. Rian had planted an herb garden before he left and it went wild. I don't know what is what. Now you have me exciited to go check it out.

Connie said...

Your meal looked scrumptious. I cook like you cook...(I knew we were kindred spirits!)
Oh, I'm sorry about your tomatoes. Those darned slugs attacked my tomatoes the past few years. This year is the first time they hadn't. Looks like you've got enough tomatoes for salsa now...once they ripen.

Angie said...

My grandma used to make a really yummy green tomato jam with her unripened tomatoes... yum

Sharon said...

Looks delicious Kathi! And so healthy too! I love all the pretty pictures. I recognize the cute black and white plate, I think we were together when you bought it. I love how you displayed everything. Those darn slugs......gross! Too bad about all those tomatoes. Some years they just don't do well.

Have a good day! Sharon

Judy said...

Yum! We usually have salmon a few times a year living by Lake Michigan, but Jim hasn't been out fishing at all this summer.
I love dill on salmon.

Elena said...

Wow, all of that looks so yummy. I grew thyme, basil, parsley and sage in my garden this year and I just loved cooking with the fresh herbs. So simple yet so gormet:)

Julieann said...

Oh Kathi--these pictures look so yummy and they look like they came right out of a magazine!!

simply beautiful.


A Romantic Porch said...

Oh girlfriend...that's my kinda eatin' and cookin'. Yum! xo rachel


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