Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bill Ritchie Brand New Radio Program

Some Sunday mornings it is hard for us to make it to church. This past Sunday being one of them because my husband just returned from a lengthy business trip. On these Sundays we have what we call "Church at Home."
My husband turns his PC on to Bill Ritchie's radio program called "Brand New." We listen to the message and discuss it afterwards, followed by prayer. We love the teaching from God's Word.
Pastor Ritchie is a dynamic speaker who effectively gets the point across. He began his education in law school, then switched to Psychology, and was on the Debate team, so he is well equipped to present a case for Christ. His articulation and vocabulary are incredible. He was also a History major, and received his doctorate in Theology and Ethics, lived in Europe, and has traveled to the Holy Land regularly, so his teaching is full of historical documentation. He has been inside the Catacombs in Italy, where Paul had been, and spoke about this in one of his sermons.
His love and enthusiasm for the Lord and God's Word come across passionately. He and his wife Betty are humble people, not strangers to sorrow either. I taught Sunday school with Betty years ago. She had the most radiant face. Joy was evident in her life. She told me about their son Geoff, who was born with an extensive birth mark on his face. She said that it would eventually take his life. Geoff's story was aired on the Discovery Channel, and an article was written about him called, "My Birthmark Doesn't Define Me."
Although we don't stay home from church very often, we do feel the Lord's presence when we come together to learn solid teaching from the Bible and pray. Jesus said, "For where two or more are gathered in My Name; there am I with them." Matthew 18:20. I wanted to share Bill Richie with you today in case you have a Sunday that you are unable to attend church, and you might like to hear a message that could change your life.
May God bless you as you hear from the Lord each day in your own Bible and prayer time.
Brand New, a Bible teaching ministry of Pastor Bill Ritchie
Have a pleasant day, Kathi


Kelly said...

The next Sunday I am unable to get to church, I am tuning in, I think that is perfect, I never knew such a thing existed!! Thank you!!!


Deb said...

Hi Kathi, I think it's great that when you miss church, you husbands who is the head, sees to you all getting the word. Great post. Deb

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kathi...we have church at home quite often..sometimes its easier to get the attention of our small audience that way!

Jan Parrish said...

I love that you all do home church right there on your front porch. Very homey and likely, very memorable for the kids too. You are such a great mom!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Kathi! What a joy to see a family worshipping together! I saw in the post below you got to see Beth Moore! I've seen her twice in conference, too! She was wonderful! They were both weekend conferences! Her praise team is awesome too!

My FIL wasn't really able to go to church in his last years. But he would watch it every Sunday morning, and he called it "Bill's Church!" So now when we miss, we get together as a family for "Bill's Church!" LOL!

Hugs, Rhonda :)

Gramma 2 Many said...

I think I may have heard Pastor Ritchie preach a few years ago. At a funeral service for a Police man who was killed in the line of duty. It was broadcast over the radio. If it was him, I remember being so impressed with the clear delivery of the Gospel. There could not have been a single person leave that service and say they had never heard the Word of Truth.
I will have to turn in this Sunday. Stan and I left our church of 25 years 2 years ago and have never found one to replace what we had had at our former church.
My daughter tells me we will never again find what we had, but why is it so difficult to find someone to teach the Truth straight from the Word?

nannykim said...

We have done that a few times; we got the idea from Love come Softly series. We have done it when we were away on vacation away from civilization ;-).

Jan Parrish said...

We did a lot of home church when the kids were little. :) Wow. Gorgeous weather there. We are 32 and snow. Blessings on your week.


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