Friday, June 20, 2008

Our First Few Days of Summer Vacation

We are enjoying our first few days of summer.
We saw two movies so far; Narnia, and Indiana Jones.

Lots of shoes at the door.
Many fun sleep overs. This is Garrett's first one.
Anna got to spend the night. They had a great time playing Uno and eating pop corn.
Of course living on the farm means the work must go on. So, I put the kids to weeding early in the day, even when friends are over. Everybody works.
Our friend Abby helped with school this week. Things are going great. We still have one student, and three desks.
The girls got to go to a slumber party, and Harrison went to a friends birthday party too.
While the big kids were gone, Stacey took Garrett and me to sea food restaurant. Garrett got to feed the fish.

At the theater.
Pizza after the movie.
Harrison creating something mechanical.
Jessica and Garrett playing video games.
Victoria enjoying those new books.
Victoria catching up with friends.
Garrett with his side-walk chalk.
Victoria back from camp, glad to be back with Jessica and friend Abby.
Harrison and his buddies Ian and Brandon, back from camp, doing their new sign.
God answered a huge prayer. When Victoria and Harrison got back from camp I heard these kinds of sentences coming from both of them..."I got so close to God. I had an awesome time! I really love God so much." The phrase that meant the most was... "I'm really going to listen to you Mom and obey. I've changed. I really am closer to God." Praise God for answered prayer. Thank you Lord
"Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete." John 16:24
The Lord heard my prayers.


Staci said...

I LOVE your pics of you and your hub, OMG sooo precious...and your family....beautiful!!! Thanks for your comments, i will be back!!

Pearl said...

Hi Kathi... Looks like Summer is off to a great start with you and your family! Loved all of the photos! Sleep-overs and Sidewalk Chalk are so much fun... made me smile.

Thanks for the visit, and for the comment. I hope you'll enjoy doing the Tag as much as I did doing mine. Sounds like your cousin's autistic son is a fine young man. Though it's difficult, at times, for him to hold down a job, it is still amazing and awesome that he went as far as he did with those jobs!! Plus he is a High School Graduate... surely he brings much joy to his family ~smiles~ I'll keep all of them in prayer... and will hold positive thoughts for Juan as he continues with his therapy.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed some of the zanie cat and dog sites! Silliness, for sure! Please have a wonderful weekend... God Bless...


Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Kathi, this post is just soooo wonderful for so many reasons! I got a lump in my throat reading your children's comments after being away at camp. Praise the Lord! Hugs for you dear friend.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kelly said...

I have missed you so much and hearing about the kids!!! Camp sounds wonderful for them, glad they are back and refreshed with new attitudes! Your summer looks wonderful so far, what a joy. With all the rain we have had here we are weeding daily also even with our small garden....have a great weekend.


luvmy4sons said...

Great pics as always. That is too cute what you overheard from the kids. Fabulous!

Michelle said...

Kathi~ I just enjoy reading posts about your blesses me SO MUCH...they're always so heartwarming! Yes, Praise God for answered prayer!

Rejoicing with you :)

Have a lovely weekend! Today is the last grad party I've got to attend for the's an hour out of town but I'll be able to visit with relatives I rarely see :)

Brenna said...

Kath-I loved this post. Your children are so beautiful.

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Hi Kathi-

I think I have a case of bloggers-block.... it's been a busy week and haven't had much to say. But I sat tonight and read all your current posts... nice catching up with you. I'm so glad to hear about your kids camp experiences... I remember coming home from those doubt, it will stay with them. God bless!

Sharon said...

Looks like summer is in full swing! What great pictures. I have so many good memories of us spending several days together in the summer time! I am so thankful we did that! I am so thankful that the kids had fun at camp and that they got close to the Lord! That is awesome and it is an answered prayer!

Have a great Sunday!
I love you! Sharon

Brenda said...

Looks like a wonderful start to a great summer.

linda said...

First of all, thank you Lord for your answered prayers. I loved it when my kids came home from camp and had that "on fire" feeling...and always with those renewed feelings of truly wanting to obey parents and just be better children of God.

It also looks like your summer is in full swing with sleepovers, movies,and hours of outside fun...and that's what it's all about isn't it!?!

Deb said...

Wow! Kathi, what a true blessing to hear those words. I'm so glad for you. The signs of summer at home are so calming. I hope you all continue with blessed days. Deb

Simply Heart And Home said...


What a great start to your summer! The kids are having so much fun! And that camp sounds great. Do they have one for mothers? :)


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