Friday, June 27, 2008

Giggling Girls In the Pew

I remember my first Zotz candy like it was yesterday. My two sisters and I were sitting on the pew in church next to three other sisters... trying to be good. When you are a kid in church it's so fun to sit with your friends. We tried to listen, but after awhile we'd get the giggles. One time my friend Kristy told me to try this new candy. She knew. She knew that I had know idea what they were. Remember, I'm sitting on the pew in church. I'm supposed to be  a good little girl; still and listening.
Pretty soon Kristi and her two sisters' shoulders were shaking trying to hold back their snickering. Kristi got to chuckling so hard, I couldn't figure her out. I was only sucking on an ordinary piece of candy, so I thought...  I became alarmed when all three of them were almost crying with laughter while they watched me. The candy was okay, but nothing special...  All of a sudden though, I felt and tasted that bitter fizzy stuff, and felt like my mouth was in the gas chamber. I had no where to run or spit. I felt helpless as I squirmed in my seat. For a second, I thought I was going to die. Kristy and her sisters all got the giggles so hard people began turning around and they were watching me. My two sisters didn't know what to think, and gave me those glares that only sisters can give, to let me know that they were telling. I finally swallowed the thing, and asked Kristy what it was, and she innocently said, "It's a Zotz. They're new. Want another?" I said, "No thank you." The one she gave me was yellow, and I shall never forget. I still buy them now and then and eat them with my kids. Now I'm the one giggling as I remember that day and sneaky little Kristy.  So, what was your first Zotz Candy experience like? What color was it? Have a pleasant Friday, Kathi

"Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” Genesis 21:6


luvmy4sons said... I dare admit I have never had a Zotz? True! Pretty sure!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh..I never had a Zotz either..
I would try one!! but never heard
of them

oh YOU did not laugh in church


Sondra said...

I remember those! I never liked them. Also the kids ate poprocks when I was litte, but I was afraid to eat them. I think it was because of that horror story about someone dying from them! Now, I love them. The girls at my old job would buy them for me because they thought my reaction was so funny when I eat them. I think poprocks are so cool!
I love reading about your summer school. That has got to be so much fun for you. I am sure your school will grow quickly and you will soon not have enough space for everyone :)

grey like snuffie said...

Poprocks I know, but never heard of Zotz. Maybe they're a regional thing. Missed the goat post---that was quite an education for me, having never been around anyone raising goats.

Sharon said...

I don't have a memory of the very first one I ate, but I remember Kristy and Korey giving them to us. I think my first one was strawberry. I love Zotz and they give me a very good memory of my childhood.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Love ya!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I've never had one. The name is vaguely familiar though.

nannykim said...

I never experienced or even heard of that Zotz!!! I wonder if they were around nation wide! It really makes me want to try one just for the fun of it. Do they still make them???

jennifer said...

I remember those and I didn't like them. Now Pop Rocks on the other hand, I LOVED. And my kids like them too!

Take care.


Gina said...

LOVE 'EM! You sound like you were one of those kids I wouldn't sit beside in church. I was deathly afraid of getting in trouble in church so even though I always sat with my best friend, we either sat with one of our sets of parents or we sat closer to the front. Boy I sound like a goody two-shoes... I do like to poke my son and giggle with him in the pew.

Elena said...

I remember trying Pop Rocks that were given to me by the neighborhood kids and I liked them. I remember having Zotz candy at the church camp I went to every year in the summer. I liked them,just because they were fun to eat:)

Jan said...

I have never heard of Zotz, but you can be sure I will look for them now.

Giggling kids in church...yes, my brother and sister and I were occasional gigglers too. Again, Kathi, you bring back great memories!

God bless,


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