Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Happenings

Moms, I do not feel guilty for asking my wonderful children to help me around the house.
Why don't I? Because it's good for them, and because I need the help. Kids may balk at the idea of helping, and even scowl a bit, but when they grow up they will thank you. I don't know what I'd do without these wonderful helpers. Another thing that I keep in mind is that I should praise them for a job well done, and let them know I value them.I Do7I/AAAAAAAAA8c/Li4RnrSACg8/s1600-h/HPIM1407.JPG"> All the kids help and some jobs are done for pay. Many jobs are done just because, "We live here and we all contribute to the mess, so we all help!
I work along side my children and help them with their chores just like they help me with mine. The kids are happy to help me and in trade I take them and their friends places like youth group. This is a typical Wednesday night me driving my three older kids and their friends home. Look how tired I am, but it's so worth it.
I enjoy talking with the kids as we drive home. They are usually excited and have lots to say. I get to hear what happened during church, and we laugh a lot. I'm going to miss them when they begin driving themselves. I think balancing work, chores and duities with FUN, is VERY important. Here are Victoria in the blue and some girls from church. All the girls in youth group made a meal together and ate it. Here are Jessica in the brown, and two friends. I stayed to participate and enjoyed meeting new girls at youth group and spending time with them. As you can see the work I make my own two girls do hasn't hurt them a bit. Jessica is on the fair left in brown, and Victoria is wearing the baby blue dotted shirt. Here they are jumping for joy with their youth leader.Keep in mind moms that you should take care of yourself and get a little help from your children. Take time to give yourself a facial. At my age it takes more effort to look good. Put your feet up and have that cup of tea, or soak in the tub. Spend time with the Lord and give Him all your cares. Have a blessed day ~ Kathi


Cottage Contessa said...

Kathi this post is awesome, thank you for sharing it! My daughter really, really loves going to her youth group too! You are such a wonderful mother, as is your sister Sharon, so I can just imagine what a fantastic lady your mum was/is to raise such beautiful Godly women. You inspire me more than you know sweetie. Thank you. Hugs!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

PS You even look good wearing a face pack! lol

Kelly said...

I just LOVE this post! Your are so right, those pictures of the kids happy is what it is all about! We are together as a family helping each other. I just adore where you live!!! The barn is awesome! I am very much a farm girl caught in the city!!!! But we do have all the rabbits and the dogs etc.....and it does take work to tend to them all, and I encourage them to help as much as possible along with showing my Son to cook and all that, they will appreciate all they have learned as they get older. We are both very fortunate. I really need to do a facial myself!
And I just love the songs on your blog! They make me feel great!

love ya,

Sharon said...

What a great and fun post Kathi! You are a great mother! It is important to have the kids work and do their share to help the family. It builds character! But on the flip side, they get to experience all the fun things that being in a family has to offer! Love your face mask!!! Your not kidding when you say it takes longer to look good! I am to the point of taking a long, long time to look "acceptable"!!! LOL!

I love you! sharon

BittersweetPunkin said...

How come everyone is smiling except the young man with the vacuum? LOL

Love the photos!

Brenda said...

I agree about the children.Sometimes I thouht Brian was workin the boys alittle hard on there weekend off from school,but today with Rian away from home I thank od for everything he taught them.
I need a good facial..yours is cute.

Liz said...

Yes! I'm glad to see this. My sisters and I always cleaned the house while we lived at home.

Heather said...

What an awesome glimpse into your daily life. Thank you:)

I am a firm believer in chores. I do not give allowance (which often brings gasps from many people) because I feel that it is OUR house and we should ALL be responsible for keeping it clean. I was pleased to see you agree with that concept also. I do give allowance for certain, nasty chores like cleaning the garage:)

Love the pics and you're right about taking some time for yourself. It is a necessity for all moms!!!

Love and Hugs

Sondra said...

I think it is great that your kids are so willing to help out! My youngest two are big helpers but the oldest two-umm-not always! I know I should have instilled that in them when they were younger. Bad mom I was! Naw- they are not that bad.

Pam said...

You're so right! When they start driving themselves and become even more independent, its a real time of adjustment for ol' mom! It was for me anyway! Your family is beautiful! I'm so happy that your children are blessed with a fun and godly mom!
Oh -- and lawsy child, but aren't you brave to post that last photo of yourself!

Kathy said...

Kathi, you have a wonderful blog and your post today is great. My children are older than yours. You will never be sorry you have taught your children to be helpful and respectful. You sound like a wonderful mother...we all make mistakes. What a great job you are doing! Your family is beautiful. By the way, I love your choice of music on your blog. Our daughter chose the song "how you look tonight" to dance with her father at her wedding. It always brings back a lovely memory and tear to my eye! Love your violets too...a favorite of mine...Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I think the women should start focusing on family again. We need to give nuture our children. Teach them to become loving, honest, responsible adults. It looks like you have a wonderful family. Way to go, mom!

cookie said...

Hey Kathi,
It's so much fun visting you. I love the facial photo. You are so much prettier than Doris Day ever was...and you are oh, so real. What a fun, likable, and very sincere person you are. Thanks for sharing with us.

Happy Weekend!


Cherise Bopape said...

I agree. Chores help children to learn responsibility, practice selflessness, and appreciate their belongings. Assigning household duties prepares our brood for the future and enables them to care for and nurture others. While the kids take care of a few things, moms get to steal a few minutes of relaxation, to boot. As Kathi suggests, why not use this time for a quick facial.
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