Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Gained Five Pounds!

I have noticed my pants are tighter!! I am in Shock! I have gained five pounds and it's all my birthday's fault. Ever since I hit 48, last month, my clothes are feeling snugger. I used to be able to eat this all the time.
Not any more!! Now I must work at keeping the weight off! This is a whole new me.
I don't think anyone will notice, but I feel a little a little bit conspicuous and that people are staring at me.
I'm gonna have to get some exercise or this will get out of hand. I will have to do something. Five pounds in one month!!! I always knew midlife would hit me some time, but why the year of my 30th class reunion?
If you have felt all alone in your struggle to keep those extra five pounds off, you've got a new buddy and it's me!!!! "Lord I praise You because I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful." Psalm 139:14


linda said...

I'm right there with ya sister! I went to a retirement dinner last night and when I put my pants on...I almost cried. A LITTLE SNUG INDEED!

The older I get, the less I eat, yet the more my clothes don't fit! I've got to take drastic measures...NOW!

Kelly said...

I have gained a few pounds myself, in fact it seems like I am *widening*???? How in the world is that possible ? Like my hip bones are spread out, lol. And I guess I can stop saying my pants are shrinking!! lol
Especially since I wash them in cold, hee hee.
I would really like to find the time to start walking, even a couple days a week to start.


Sharon said...

Kathi, that is a total shock! You have never had a weight problem, you have always been super skinny, thus causeing me to always feel fat! I think you are wise to try to fight it before it gets out of control, but on the flip side, I think it is kind of good because it means you are happy and you are eating well! I am sick and tired of my 15 and I am determined to get it off, we have a wedding coming up and I want to make the kids proud! Your post is so funny and cute!

I just talked with Wade today about this very subject (weight loss) and he wants to lose 30 pounds. Perhaps we should go on a family diet???!!!

I love you no matter what size you are, you know that!

Love, Sharon

luvmy4sons said...

A birthday is a VERY good reason to gain a few pounds. You can lose THAT in no time at all!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I feel your pain Kathi...I am currently dieting !!

Deb said...

Hi Kathi, I am in shock! We posted of the same problem today. Stop by and tell me what you think. Deb

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Girlfriend, I am right with you!! LOL! I lost 37 pounds before Christmas! (I needed to lose another 20!) ...But since Christmas, I have gained back 9-10! Easter was worse for me than Christmas! I'm so glad it is warmer excuse not to exercise now! :) Hugs, Rhonda

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Kathi, I hear you! I was skinny most of my life. Usually approx. 128 lbs at 5'9". At about 38 I went up to about 138lbs. At 48 I was about 168. And at 52, I'm not telling you!! I used to look at fluffy people and wonder how they ever let themselves get that way. We'll I think I got my payback. Because, I am fluffy fluffy!! I do plan to start walking and watching my intake. Good luck!! Terrie

Sondra said...

Love that fat cat! Too funny! Yep, those 5 or 10 can slip on quick and they are hard to get rid of. I love your post below about suprising each other with the candy. That is so sweet! Butterfingers and twizzlers are the favorites in this house too.

Kim said...

I too have hit this same problem. I have changed my eating habits and we joined the YMCA his week to fight my weight gain.
Our whole family loves going to the Y- I can go to the exercise room while my husband plays in the pool with our son. Then it's my turn to play in the pool while my husband goes and does lap in the other pool. We both feel so much better after going.
That's where you'll find us tonight.

Brenda said...

I want even get on the scales. After my birthday I feel like a pig. I just can't get back on it. Plus going to Rians isn't gonna help.
When I get back I have to get back on my WW. I think I may even try the Alli. Bought a book to read about it while we travel.

Trish said...

I'm with you on the weight loss thing! It seems that once I passed 40, I get the bonus of packing an extra 5 every year -- what's up with that??? Love the pics -- you look great regardless of the extra 5 -- where are you hiding them?


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